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Four Complicated & the One That Is Simple ~ Spike/Xander ~ R 
2nd-Jun-2013 04:57 pm
Title: → Four Complicated & the One That is Simple
Rating:→ NC17
Pairing: → Spike/Xander
Prompt:→ Prompt #359 : Relationships @ tamingthemuse, Prompt: I Want to Know What Love is @ love_bingo & Prompt #23: Lie @ 52_challenge
Fandom:→ BtVS
Word Count:→ 757
Genre: → AU
Beta (s):→ Unbeta'd but proofread
Disclaimer:→ Not mine.
Summary: → The four relationships in his life that are complicated and the one that is simple.....

He thinks about the relationships in his life while he's lying in bed, snuggled up tight.
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