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Hey look, I can still do it.

For safety, just assume they're all adult-rated.

All are S/X
Usual disclaimer: not mine, don't sue, just playing

There are damp spots on the silk pillow cases, places where my tears have fallen. The white linen drapes flicker in the moist night air like storm clouds underwater. Fire snaps against the metal grate in the fireplace.

Copper on my lips, my tongue, in my throat. A burning coursing through my veins like a freeway racer: my naked arms, fingers, toes, chest. My cock, raging and so hard it feels like it’s bruised.

“Your first kill, luv,” Spike whispers over the young man’s corpse separating us. “How do you feel?”

“Like I’ve only just been born,” I answer truthfully.

The soft, ticklish stubble of day-old beard brushed against Spike’s jaw as Xander slicked his tongue from ear to lips to neck to collarbone. Hands, coarse as sandpaper and strong as iron, tiptoed across his pale chest, lingering over each nipple just long enough to make Spike heave his chest forward against and into the touch.

He swallowed air as Xander bit down, soft at first and then more harshly, against that tender flesh where the neck meets the jaw, squirming helplessly against the strong legs that pinned his own down.

“Hells, pet, that’s good,” he stammered with borrowed heat.

He could feel it inside him, burning and stretching against his whole inside. He cried at first, then whimpered, then finally begged for it as the knives of pain became pin needles of electric pleasure shocking each and every cell in his body. Everything was screaming, like a choir of need and want – breathless and panting as he rocked against the cold, pale, body slamming against him, inside him.

“Spike!” Xander barked as he felt the flood of Spike’s cum squeeze into him like a faucet on cold. His own cock exploded as Spike continued shuttering and flowing inside him.
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