darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote in bloodclaim,

Friendly Modly Reminder

Hi, this is just a friendly reminder of some of the basic rules and regs here, for the newcomers and anyone who needs a quick refresher.

1. This is a Spander community - that's Spike/Xander - so please, any artwork, any fic, and fic searches or rec requests or pimps must be Spandercentric. Threesomes and moresomes are fine (with the exception of Spike/Xander/Buffy - I have Spuffy issues), but the central relationship must be Spike/Xander.

2. Graphics should be behind a cut. I will allow a small teaser so long as it is no larger than an icon - 100x100 pixels, and if you are posting icons, you can put up to three icons outside the cut as a teaser, but no graphic larger than 100x100 should ever appear outside of a cut. And I hope it stands to reason that all images outside the cut must also be completely worksafe.

Thank you to everyone for playing nicely and continuing to make bloodclaim a friendly, active community. Please, keep up the good work - keep posting and reading and commenting and encouraging others to come and join the fun. Membership numbers keep going up which means, no matter what the ever-present they say, this fandom aint nowhere near dead yet!

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