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Have you ever wondered what would happen if Xander's father would have caught a chipped Spike living in his basement. How would Anthony Harris react? What would happen to Spike? This is a Spander story. Warnings: NC17, m/m relationship, non-consent
Safe Place

 Summary: After a battle, an injured Spike is brought home by Xander to heal. Xander's father assumes that Spike is his son's lover and takes matters into his own hands.

     Anthony Harris had always thought himself to be a tolerant man. He'd been a big shot jock in high school. He would have played college ball if he hadn't blown out his knee mid-season senior year. It hadn't mattered anyhow. He'd still managed to catch the eye of the prettiest girl in school. Jessica Delaney had been quite the catch back in the day. With her flaming red hair and tight little ass, she'd had all the boys craving to get under her skirt. Yet she had chosen him, Anthony Harris, to give it up to. With no money for college, he'd gone to trade school, and now made a decent living as an electrician. All right, he made nothing near the millions that those pretty boys in the pros made, but he did okay, if you asked him. Anthony Harris answered to no one. He was his own boss.
     Sure, Jessie had let herself go over the years. Her once thick and vibrant locks were now dull and flat. Her plump, firm breasts now hung somewhere close to her belly. She wasn't much of a cook or house keeper, but the in-house pussy wasn't that bad, when he got it. Besides, he still managed to pull the occasional young piece of  ass from time to time. Anyway, the bitch had given him a son. Not that Alexander was much to brag about. It wasn't like the boy was much of a brain or anything. Hell, he didn't even get into college. And if the little shit could manage to keep a job for more than two months straight, that would be a minor miracle in itself. But did Anthony throw him out into the street? Nope. It wasn't as if anyone would blame him if he did. The kid kept weird hours. He came and went whenever he chose. Besides, he only charged the brat $400 a month to stay under his roof. That was quite fair . . . if you asked him. And if Anthony got upset and smacked the kid or his mother upside the head every now and then, it was understandable. The two of them were a bit too unappreciative and a little too mouthy for their own good... if you asked him.
     When Anthony Harris sat and thought about the hell his life was, he had to admit that maybe he was too damn tolerant. So when he heard his son pull up into the yard, he rose from his seat in front of the television to grab another beer. He spared a glance in passing at his lazy excuse for a wife, Jessica, who was out for the count, sitting her fat ass on the couch. The bitch never could hold her liquor. Scratching hisown rather large ass, Anthony went over to the window, and pulled aside the mini blinds so that he could see what his no account son was up too now. He watched chuckling  to himself as his bumbling boy rushed around the to the passenger's side of the vehicle.  It seemed as though the little fucker had gotten lucky tonight. Not that it fucking mattered. Did the brat think he was running a fucking hotel here? Anthony stood , breathing heavily, fuming at Alexander's nerve.  How dare he try to sneak some little bitch into his home in the middle of the night. Growing more and more aggitated, Anthony continued to watch what was taking place in his driveway.  Alexander appeared to be helping some tart out of his piece of crap car. Why he had allowed the dumbass to buy that hunk of shit off of his brother-in-law was beyond him. He watched the boy lift his little girlfr . . . Oh! Wait. What the fuck?  Why was his boy hugged up against his car with some blond punk? Why was his FUCKING BITCH OF A SON RUBBING UP AGAINST SOME FAGGOT IN HIS GOD DAMNED DRIVEWAY FOR ALL OF THE NEIGHBORS TO SEE? As Anthony Harris stood there seeing red, one thing rang true in his head. He was far too fucking tolerant, and that shit was going to end real fucking soon.
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