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White Marble # 9B

Working Title: White Marble
Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
Archived at: http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=rngrdead
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes.
Summary: Exquisite statue… admirer… magic… and everything changes.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.


The angel sat at the end of Xander’s bed and waited quietly as the man began to stir.

It was day time, and the angel was still ‘real’. The groan and roll over signaled consciousness and Spike braced himself for the reaction. He wanted Xander to see him. As it was daylight there was no option to fly freely without someone noticing … though if he got high enough quickly enough… the thought had been discounted almost as soon as it had occurred.

Xander was still half conscious as he turned to his lovely, ‘imaginary’ friend he recognized from his most wonderful concussion dreams.

“Hey sweetheart…”

Spike leaned forward and kissed him firmly on the lips before answering the now very confused man, “Hey yourself.”

Xander knew he still ‘wasn’t right’ but as his head cleared a little, the angel in the bedroom was a genuine cause for alarm. He scrambled backwards until pushed hard against the headboard of the bed. He dry washed his face then tried to refocus on the impossible.

A stunningly beautiful man with brilliant white wings that would have made *any* archangel proud, was sitting at the end of his bed and had just kissed him… and that angel had the face of an old friend… a friend he had fantasized about more than once in the last four and a half years… a friend that had… died.

“Oh Spike!!! Am I… dying? ‘cause obviously you’re…”

“Not dead, nor dyin’ pet… Courtesy of your wish though, ‘m a real boy, so if you’re serious about the lovin’ thing, ya might have to put up with a bloke with wings if that’s alright with you…”

Xander turned away for a moment to desperately search under his pillow until he found the feather. The other two were in pockets of his favorite jackets. He stroked it a little, causing Spike to shiver very obviously. Xander’s eyes went wide, “Oh my god! They were *your* feathers… I *didn’t*… jeez!!! Then you’ve been…”

“Here all along pet, just no way of telling ya until now.”

“But you were…?”

“Turned, chipped, ensouled then burnt up and spat out as a ghost. Only to end up workin’ for the grandesire ‘imself before bein’ dusted for the second time… ‘s what ya get for bein’ a bloody white hat apparently! Then bloody Powers screwed me over again… deserved no doubt given me former history… but stone and cold and… bloody hell purgatory of a whole nother level. Figured it was fer good ‘course. Really did.” Spike looked at his hands and Xander saw the wings droop a little with the sad thoughts. “Then you… and with the hurt… and then… your wish… twas you pet… just need to let ya know… It was you! Me? Know I’ve got a purpose nightly but you freed me for the days… for you.”

Xander noted the progressive drop in tone as the synopsis of close to a hundred and fifty years was conveyed and the rather hopeful ending, but really wasn’t listening to the words… He was watching the stunningly attractive face as a crystal tear made its way down a pale cheek. He noted the perfect study of a male nude sitting on the end of his bed and the unconscious unfolding of the extraordinary wings as Spike came to the end of his story and brightened. Xander had no more doubts. He might still question his sanity, his religious beliefs, his orientation… everything really! But there was no doubt that he was entirely enamored by the angel… an angel that was solid and within touching distance!

As he reached out in wonder to stroke the incredibly soft feathers of one wing, and instantly felt sadness and resignation and love flowing from this pale form. It was all received it at such a gut level that he too shed a tear. And the more he saw, the longer he thought about it, the more he considered the experiences of the last weeks he had interpreted as dreams, the more he realized his own deepest feelings.

He was utterly *in love* with an angel! Spike… the angel. It was ridiculous and wonderful all at once. Sanity be damned, all doubt flew out the window as the winged figure leaned forward and he was kissed hard and fast and this time he reciprocated consciously, deliberately, and absolutely as their tongues dueled and explored and caressed. Xander’s eyes went wide as he watched the magnificent wings extend and begin to undulate in time with their oral exchange.

He felt the angel’s hardness against his own, pulled a small bottle from the side drawer and took a risk. He swiftly slicked himself thoroughly then slid a slippery hand down the former vampire’s manhood before guiding it to its logical resting place, and accepted the coupling.

There was Xander and there was kissing and then there was warmth and tight and subtle squeezing and rather incoherent expressions of encouragement and love and joy. Spike found his wonderful human’s erection with his left hand and tugged him to completion just as he filled his partner for the first time.

A half hour later found them lying facing each other and stroking down much loved faces and forms in post coital relaxation, Spike shivering with delight every time one of Xander’s hands ventured to touch wings.

“I just… you are so beautiful… Gahhhh I bought you because you were so beautiful… and now this…” Xander stroked the feathers at the edge of Spike’s right wing again in wonder. “How did I come to deserve this?”

“You freed me pet… that’s a whole lot o’ deservin’ in my book.”

It was midday on a Tuesday and they were still lying on the bed, simply enjoying being, when the banging on the door pulled the two from their quiet reverie. It suddenly occurred to Xander that a male partner might be tricky enough to explain in the small Italian town… but an angel? Straight jacket may well ensue!

Spike smiled at the worried look on his companion and swiftly tugged on a pair of Xander’s old sweat pants, and long fisherman’s jacket, then retreated to the tiny back garden to enjoy the sun. Xander answered the door. It was Davina checking on Xander as usual, she knew he was back at work but still worried.

She bustled in with a basket of fresh fruit and large freshly made loaf of bread and made her way directly to the kitchen. She noted its immaculately clean state and worried a little. He was definitely much thinner than when they had first greeted the American, but chose to say nothing.

“Now I know Illias isn’t expecting you to work ‘til Friday but it’s his birthday tomorrow and his wife is planning a surprise party so I’ve spoken to Petros and Julius… and frankly, we need a foil… just wondering if you’d be up to giving him a hand with the nets – at least the repairs, I know you’re still out of any heavy duties with the shoulder?? The other boys will be able to get away if you’re there… Now I know it’s an ask at such short notice – but we want you at the party too and it would be ever so terrific if you could, you know, play along, just for an hour or so. Then his wife’s going to give him a call for lunch so you walk home with him. Simple!”

What with everything else that was going on, Xander simply nodded his agreement and hoped that Davina wouldn’t…

“Ooohh I see you have a friend over! Well come on! Introductions!!” The woman hurried outside to meet the slim man with impossibly handsome features. Spike turned as the rather buxom English woman announced her presence with the creak of a much needing oil back door.

Xander was on her heels but too late to stop the meeting, so chose to beg Spike with his eyes and hope to heaven something happened to the wings as Spike had pushed off his jacket to enjoy the early afternoon sun. He needn’t have worried, they were invisible to the intruder.

Davina was enchanted by the young englishman, though a little puzzled by his accent, it was classic upper class but the words modern. All doubts were discounted however when he smiled at her and touched a hand. She felt instantly warm and strangely compelled to find her husband and let him know just how much she loved him.

Spike was charming and fascinating to the truly generous lady. He had seen her kindness to Xander and knew that the seemingly ‘gossip’ laden conversationalist had a heart of gold. He felt it… knew it… and was beginning to know that now that skill, along with heeding the call of the needy, was something to be used.

Later in the conversation, Davina saw the loving look directed to Xander as she chatted easily about “London and the merits of visiting rather than living there”. She smiled knowingly to herself. The man had never once made an effort to take part in the Gajeta night life as one would expect a single young man to do. He was obviously into art and had always had many female friends and disastrous early experiences with women. There was also a late night conversation at some point about an older man and also a couple of male friends who had died, one very recently.

Conclusions drawn she knew the difficulties in the staunchly Catholic village for those who ‘batted for the other team’. She decided quickly, and took Xander by the arm as she made her way to leave.

Speaking low and conspiratorially, she collected her now empty basket and offered advice. “Now I may be speaking out of turn, but my darling… I *do* congratulate you on your choice of partner, he’s just… well very lovely.”

Xander pulled away a little in shock. Was it that obvious!? “But I… umm...”

Davina patted his arm, "It’s fine honey… Well fine with me anyway. But just be careful if he’s here to stay … Goodness knows what people would say if they knew the truth.”

Xander blanched, then realized the scope of what she was talking about, so simply said, “Yeah goodness knows…”

That night, however he was kissed and caressed to sleep and would worry about the 'implications' later.

The sky blackened around ten, but some boats still headed out.

Xander was sleeping safe in his bed but Spike remained alert, the tug was too strong. The angel headed out into the torrential rain.



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