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Festival!verse...clean is the new dirty

Hiiii, does anyone still remember this? lol. Life’s been stressful lately and my dirtybadwrongness fled me for a while. but! now that I could properly dispense the hotness, I’m back. Actually, things have been going on with this story without me…eshal did a lovely banner for me a while ago, as you see below, and somebody out there nom’d this for some awards, also below. Thanks so much for that!

Warning/preview: uh…some pg-ish Xander/other male. One-shot daddykink. All told, if you’ve survived previous chapters without going into shock, I think you’ll be fine here.

Author: Mel (thatotherperv)
Pairing: Spander primarily; a smattering of other pairings, including S/other and X/other, but telling you which would ruin half the fun. Het, slash and femslash
Rating: NC-17 slash
Summary: human AU; Xander goes to a multi-day music festival to celebrate his 16th birthday alone and runs across a dubiously intentioned older Spike <coughs>
Warning: underage sex, obviously. Erm. Anything else that might come along, I’ll warn about later. Added to the list later: pairings other than spander, incl het, daddy!kink, drug use, exhibitionism/voyeurism
Disclaimer: the characters belong to Joss and ME...alas, alack.
Feedback: please :)
beta'd by sparrow2000. thanks so much, honey!

previous installments are here

part 5…let’s get the boys clean so’s we can get em dirty again!
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