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Fic post - 'The Big Bang Theory' ~ Theory #10 (10/10) *END*

Previous chapters can be found at my site or in my memories.

Title:  The Big Bang Theory
Pairing:  S/X
Rating:  NC17
Disclaimer:  Not mine, not for profit...just borrowing them to get the plot bunny that invaded my brain to shut up already.
Spoilers:  BtVS through Season 5
Beta'd:  bykitty_poker1
smut_69 prompt:  #36 - Afterglow
Big Kinky Table

Note:  Set in an AU version of BtVS Season 6 after Giles went back to England. What you need to know going in is that Willow never brought Buffy back from the dead and she didn't have an addiction to magic. Other differences will be explained in the story.  Also, in BtVS Season 5, Spike never made a Buffybot. Everything else from BtVS Season 5 is canon, though.

( Theory #10: Interfering friends are never a good thing. )
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