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Fic search

I'm coming out of lurkdom to throw myself at your mercy for a fic search:

1. Gang's left the country except for Xander and the Initiative is back in action, clamping down on everyone other than human. They recapture Spike. Giles uses Council connections to have Spike's custody turned over to Xander. Spike has been used as a sexual slave and has been "reprogrammed" to be docile and compliant, losing his sense of self. After much coaxing and help from Xander, Spike starts to come back to himself. Some soldiers are pissed and try to take Spike back. Giles sends over Slayers to bring down the Initiative. Spike, Xander, and the girls are forced to flee across country, dropping the girls off at various airports to avoid detection.

2. Spike and Illyria are transported to another dimension that she rules over and he becomes her pet. She is in her original insect-like form and uses her "fronds" to feed and stimulate him. He becomes severely weakened and must return to this dimension to live. Xander nurses him through his withdrawal and they fall in love. They make friends with a gay couple, one of whom is in healthcare and suspects Spike has cancer or AIDS. Xander is captured by spider-like demons (W&H are involved) and Spike calls upon Illyria for help to rescue him.

Both these fics were posted to Bloodclaim several months ago about the same time. I believe both were completed. Please help! Thank you.
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