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Fic Search - Charmed Crossover


This is buggin' me i can not find this fic. Its a xover with Charmed the first(?) story in the series(?)is about Xander and the charmed sisters fleeing San Fran and ending up in the Hyperion. Now I'm not sure if it's purely S/X or maybe S/X/A.

Xander is a werewolf. He and one of the sisters carry the charmed kids across country in wolf form for a while to escape W&H who are attacking the sisters for some reason, I think it was to get the kids.

As you can see some bits I can remember and others just a blank.

I think there are two stories which run in this series(?).

Thanks for your time.

Edit: Lycanthrope, Vampire and Magick by amejisuto is the answer. Thanks for sorting this out for me.

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