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Another extra Loyal and Gentle

OK update for Fealty and Family on the way... but Daisy insisted...

Working Title: Loyal and Gentle
Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
Archived at: Here only...
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes. Also species manipulation & dark themes.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.
Acknowledgements: Salustra and petxnd whose far lighter and longer story far surpasses this
minor indulgence of Daisy

AU!Spike wandered into the room next to his office. His pets were all resting in the side room as was their habit in late afternoon.

He had ordered his pet, now his Childe, to the room an hour earlier to attend his children.

Twenty years earlier he had given in to Mistress Clarissa’s pressure and allowed the girls to breed. Always artificially inseminated, they apparently enjoyed their status as mothers, and their brother and his partner never failed to rejoice in the arrival of new youngsters to their now significantly larger property.

Both the forty year old women were pregnant again, this time both carrying twins conceived in the same month to their regular German sire. Patricia was observably bigger than Madeline and suffering for it a little – it was her third set of twins in seven years.

As the Childe/Pet felt his Sire/Master approach he stiffened a little but relaxed as only love and care flowed through the relaxed link from Sire to Childe.

Xander was kneeling on the floor massaging oil onto his pretty daughter Patricia’s distended belly and consoling her as she cried quietly into a favourite toy as she lay on her pet bag. Patty’s sister Madeline was picking up on her sister’s distress and quite teary, so was leaning against her father affectionately, seeking her own comfort and providing the now room temperature vampire with much loved heat.


Xander spun around ready to move. These days, vampiric speed and status as Childe had its advantages, but his Sire’s mood was calm and the hand indicating he stay, giving that as a clear message. He had been a willing pet for close to forty-five years, his training, though initially difficult, had most certainly been enhanced by status first as claimed pet then as Childe.

The two women knew that Master would not require them to rise when they were heavy with child so simply stilled, though dear Patricia struggled to stem her tears. She could not seem to control her emotions and was afraid that she might be fitted with a shunt and constantly drugged as the now dearly departed Mel had been.

Patricia was fine until Master offered her Father his wrist and kissed him with such love, before seeing her distress and leaning down to pet her a little. As he touched her belly respectfully, whispering, “You are of my beloved’s line. You and yours will be cherished and cared for… always.” Patricia burst into floods of grateful tears and Madeline cried a little also. The mature Chris, hand in hand with Sahil, joined them and Master petted the boys.

The Master was never anything but generous with his time and compliments but since turning the Sire of their line, he had become increasingly attentive. All the pets reveled in the time with the Master and knew that a compliment from him *meant* something as he did not ‘show them off’ like other owners.

Spike walked over to the youngsters of the family group. He stroked the two little girls’ long, curly, brunette tresses (the latest of Madeline’s and just turning two). Both were playing happily on a single recreation mat as he walked past and responded affectionately as the Master touched them. They knew to stop and wait quietly as the Master gave them attention but one little love could not help herself, she looked up and grinned then said with a loving sigh, “Masser.” Madeline was horrified at the break in protocol but Spike simply smiled back at the little girl and said clearly “Mas*t*er” to which young Rachel dutifully replied “Masss*t*er” and smiled all the more as she was patted on the head.

Their training collars were now in place but the girls would (unusually for most pets) be kept on the premises in the training pens with others of similar age for up to twelve years. By the time they left they would all be perfectly trained and almost ready to breed. For some of the individuals, breeding was not an option – but the owners (generally zealous show pet owners/breeders) knew what they were getting – the vet’s report clear and orientation also noted. Regardless the girls and boys were adored and pampered, and continued to win competitions, and Mistress Clarissa took it upon herself to ‘track the line’.

Spike had extended the house, and like Clarissa, now did all the training in-house and followed her example regards owners. He chose them carefully and these days waited for his Childe’s approval before allowing the transfer.

Xander could not believe his privileged position. As Childe, he felt Sire… but was also Claimed as Pet and his training of twenty years was enforced by the Childe status. He happily supplicated to his Sire and joyfully received praise from the same amazing blonde vampire… His Master… His Sire… who could not be happy with that!

As he knelt at his Sire’s feet and began to massage his beloved Sire’s legs he began to send a prayer to the Powers That Be, one that thanked them for his current role and one for his darling daughter.

Two hours later the midwife was called and Patricia gave birth early to two exquisite little chaps.

The young demon expert in human matters, dealt with their slightly early delivery with professional efficiency and as requested, called the human vet who removed Patricia’s uterus under full anesthetic. Madeline too would be ‘spade’ this year, as it was, according to the current research, only good for breeding humans to have between twelve and fifteen children. Their own mother had spawned twenty one, dying of heart failure in her last delivery, to the great distress of the Mistress.

Spike felt the nudge against his leg as Xander knelt beside him in the meeting. He knew his Childe was worried. He called to Panna and the pet, the father of the line, Xander, was permitted to stand and led out of the room to sit with his daughter as she regained consciousness from her operation.

She sighed as she recognized the cool hand stroking her forehead as she woke. Still groggy from the anesthetic she followed her father’s proud gaze across to two tiny figures in the clear bassinette and smiled weakly before whispering with regret, “Last ones, Pa.”

“Master is just keen to have you around.” Then Xander kissed her on the forehead.

His daughters and son would live out their days quietly, enjoying their children and their old age, loved and well cared for.


Pet!Xander couldn’t believe it! He was to have a companion and it was his grandniece too!!

The Master and the eighty plus Dawn had taken him for the yearly visit and they came back with one of Madeline’s girls at AU!Spike’s insistence. They spent some time explaining to Pet!Xander who she was, Spike eventually stating to his dear Pet that Master said she was a relative and was coming back with them, so that was that.

Apparently at twenty, Jacinta was still not a breeder, so a decision was made and she was fixed at twenty one. It would shorten her life if she stayed in their own dimension – but now in the Earthly realm there was no such problem. She was apparently very affectionate and ‘chirpy’ (though when Pet!Xander was told he was unsure what that meant). Regardless she was brought back as they thought it would be good for Pet!Xander to ‘have a female companion’.

Pet!Xander saw Dawn’s pleasure at the addition and knew that Key Dawn was always worried for his welfare. And yet… he was happy that he was still Master’s favorite as he ran with, then serviced Master that night, and pleased that this new Pet would always be second in the pecking order – otherwise he would have been quite… jealous! Master was *his*.

Jacinta’s arrival was not marked by ceremony. She simply ‘came with’… *but*!!! She had made herself comfortable on *his* beanbag, and error that was quickly addressed by his wonderful Master who ordered her off then provided a new one (not as nice as his own!) for her to relax on.

Pet!Xander all but snarled at her on that first night.

Afterward Pet!Xander felt a little guilty as later in the evening as he heard her crying quietly. The trained pet was miserable, her world was unfamiliar and she thought she had been good. In the past her Grandsire had always been so welcoming, but this twin, her grand uncle seemed angry at her.

In the end she followed her training and crawled off her bag and slept on the floor in a ball.

The following evening as she began to cry again, Pet!Xander touched her gently, then pulled her onto his own sleeping bag and into rather tense hug. Eventually she relaxed and sobbed into her ‘GrandeUncle’s’ shoulder. He pulled and took her in a caring hug.

A grey haired Dawn found them the following morning in the same position and was genuinely relieved. She and Spike had questioned the wisdom of bringing her – particularly when Pet!Xander literally growled at her and she had slept on the floor – a definite sign of distress. They had worried that they would have to return the dear girl to her own dimension if Pet!Xander didn’t ‘take’ to her, though that was not the preferred option on any level.

Two months later saw the Pet!Xander and Pet!Jacinta regularly relaxing together, reciprocally grooming each other, coloring together and exchanging small snippets of reading.

A year later, the two were inseparable but for times Pet!Xander was asked to tend to Master. Inevitably the days were spent giggling at silly children’s television shows, taking turns braiding or brushing their companion’s hair, feeding each other, or giving a relaxing massage. Pet!Jacinta could read quite well and often read to her Grand Uncle happily as he wondered at her intelligence.

The ageless pair were both perfectly trained at heel, and looked similar in age despite two generations of difference. Jacinta, too, would not grow old in this dimension and Spike rejoiced at the thought that the two pretty, compliant pets would be with him for all time.

He claimed her just to be sure, but only joined with her once to consummate the process. For all her years afterwards she was never short of toys or batteries and remained partner free.

Ninety years on, they would be found living with Sire Angel in Los Angelus. Pet!Xander was always a little confused by the Sire of his Master in this realm but he did seem very happy that they were sharing his home, though Sire Angel no longer had any pets, which confused both he and Jacinta. She had quickly taken to spending her time at the older vampire’s side whenever Master Spike and he were together. Master Angel seemed to enjoy the pretty pet’s display of affection and bought her a new collar.

One fact would remain until Master Spike was dust, if Pet!Xander was not in his Master’s bed or at his feet, he and Jacinta rested contentedly together. She was his grandniece and he loved her dearly, and Master was loved all the more for his gift to his Pet all those years ago.

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