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Fic: Pas de Deux à Trois, Part 1/? (Spike/Xander, Spike/Others, Xander/Others - R to NC-17 overall)

I hesitate a little before posting this. </a></a>amejisuto had a terrific AU bunny up for adoption but it was for Atlantis. She did say it was possible to do it with Spike and Xander, so I am. I hesitate because it's, well, different.

I do hope that she gets John and Rodney because she's amejisuto, which is all kinds of cool.

Title: Pas de Deux à Trois
Part: 1/?
Pairings: Primarily, eventually Spike/Xander – lots of others along the way, mention of Xander/Angel in this part.
Rating: R to NC-17 overall
Summary: Flirtatious (yet heterosexual) ballet dancer Spike remembers where he last saw an embarrassed (and bisexual) Xander. Hijinks will ensue.
Warnings: AU like whoah. No, seriously. Not entirely accurate characterisations. Mucho UST and eventual smut (when I give in to your demands). Ballet dancing. Spike and Angel in tights. Small parts. Good bad sex (hopefully). Flying by the seat of my Bridget Jones pants. Gratuitous use of Frank Sinatra. Chilli dogs.



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