angelicvampyre (angelicvampyre) wrote in bloodclaim,

Present For my Spander Friends

Feel free to take this down but I am offering this for someone that wants it so that they can do a spander or their fanfic based site.

Ok so I have something for everyone or at least one person.

You want a website??? Can't pay for the hosting?? Don't like the free websites hosting that is around??

Well then I have just the thing for you!

I am giving away a free website, or at least the room for a website. I have all this room and I am not using it so why not!

You will get your own subdomain (eg )

I will set it up so that you can use SmartFTP to upload your own stuff or if you have another uploader that you would like to use then you can I just can't give you any help cause I only know how to use smartFTP.

And the kicker! I don't really care what you put on it! Video's to be downloaded, fanfic, pictures I really don't care. (Just as long as there is spander somewhere!)

So comment me back and tell me why I should give this to you.

That is all.
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