your royal pie-ness (entrenous88) wrote in bloodclaim,
your royal pie-ness

Fic Search

In the S/X fic I'm looking for, there's at least one scene where Xander has a drink with another man. I'm fairly sure they have drinks in a gay bar, but I might be off on that detail. The original male character is, I think, a grad student at UC Sunnydale, and he's sort of tweedy (you know, in that grad student tweed jacket way), but also into similar pop culture things as Xander. In the course of the discussion I think they speak about Star Trek or possibly comic books. They're bonding and flirting and...I think Spike interrupts or disrupts in some way or another?

I can't remember if Xander and this OMC went on an actual date, or met at the bar, or how the encounter shaped up.

If this sounds at all familiar, I'd love links!
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