Andry (sirry_addict) wrote in bloodclaim,

Fic search(es) :-) Please help!


You guys have been great in the past when it came to helping me out on specific fic searches, and I thank you! I came here today hoping you could help again. :-D

First, I'm searching for a specific story. I can't remember too many details, and I'm sure that I might be mixing up some things with other stories that I've read...anything's possible. But! I do remember that Spike and Xander kept up a correspondence, through letters?, and Xander was...sort of a handy-man in a travelling circus. I think Spike might have been living in a very ethnic area...demons, humans alike. I'm not sure though. I do remember that the background on the site where this was archived was black, and that the writing was blue or possibly purple. Strange, what you remember, huh?

Second, fics with Xander coming to L.A. after he returns from Africa. They seem to be a bit of a plot!kink, and I'd love to read any and all I can get my hands on. I recall one where Spike was living in the Wolfram and Hart building, and that he and Xander were doing everything in their power to avoid anything happening between them. I also recall one where Spike was still ghosting in and out, literally, and that Xander had been called in to help, I think...Help finding those would be lovely, too. :-D

So, a travelling circus man Xander, and an L.A. plot!kink. Can anyone help?

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