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Alexanderpet - The Emperor's Pet -Worksafe

Some time ago I posted one or two pictures of a character called Petxander and a few ideas I had for his story. The wonderful rngrdead (Josie) took the concept and the art and from it wrote the absolutely wonderful Loyal and Gentle. She brought a dream of mine to life and I would publicly like to thank her. Here we've moved on. Alexanderpet is a product of an alien world where Demons always ruled and humans were thought little more than intelligent animals. In the last Milenia there have been changes and it has become fashionable to keep purposely bred and genetically modified humans as the ultimate pet companions. Alexanderpet is the result. Bred and trained for beauty, gentle disposition, obedience, loyalty and companionship he is destined to be the much prized, loved and coddled pet of a wealthy demon. In one night his destiny changes. Stolen from the farm where he was bred and raised by a band of feral humans in the mistaken belief he is little more than a pleasure slave; he embarks on an adventure which leads him into the arms of the Planet's Demon Emperor- Spike ...........And the fun begins.


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