thispe (thispe) wrote in bloodclaim,

story search - chip out

Yes I know, another pesky little story search, I'm very sorry but the story recs here are always so great I simply can't resist. Out of curiosity, does anyone know of a place which is as busy as this one, where one can place story searches for other (slash) pairings than Spander ? Not that I'm saying that Spander isn't the greates pairing ever but sometimes I get these horrid cravings for something else :-)

As for my story search, I watched the Initiative today again and now I would really like to read stories where Xander helps Spike get out the chip or Spike manages to get out the chip himself while or before they are in a relationship.

Also, a friend told me about a Spanderized version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice which I would really like to read, sadly I know neither author nor titel but does someone know this ? Thank you very much.
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