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In Amongst the Marigolds

Here is the second part of my Xander’s Haven ficlette trilogy! That I’m writing for my wonderful beta debris_k. I’ll post the last part in a little bit. I hope you all enjoy! And Remember, Feedback will make me love you forever!

Title: In Amongst the Marigolds
Fandom: BtVS
Rating: RFT
Pairing: Spander
Warning: Angst, Slash, takes place somewhere in Season Four.
Disclaimer: I own Nothing, I mean no harm. Beta’d by debris_k all remaining mistakes are my own.
Summary: Spike has a realization. Second part in my Xander’s Haven ficlette trilogy!

Like burning flesh
Amongst the marigolds
You try to hide all of
Your pain from me

Spike took another shot from the nearly empty bottle of jack gripped tightly in his fist before letting loose a frustrated growl and smashing it to pieces against the cold walls of his crypt. He didn’t understand why he was so pissed; it wasn’t like he particularly cared about the whelp, but nevertheless the boy belonged to him. He might not have done much about it, but that didn’t change the fact that no one but him was supposed to hurt what was his. So he really wasn’t surprised that the image of soft, wet brown eyes, filled with resigned hurt at yet another pithy little remark from the Slayer, was stuck in his mind.

He had wanted to pull them all apart into nothing but bloody scraps and glistening entrails. The urge had been so strong that the sodding chip had fired, jolting him hard enough that he let out a small, pained noise. Oddly enough, only the boy had been paying enough attention to notice, but he had refrained from commenting. Xander had probably wanted to avoid having everyone’s attention on him again.

Spike might not always pay that much attention to Xander, and occasionally the boy could irritate him as only a few were able, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t see his potential. Out of all of the Slayer’s little friends, Xander had been the only one to remember that Spike, despite the chip, was still a predator. He had been the only one with enough sense to know that Spike could still be dangerous. Spike was able to appreciate the strong survival instinct that showed. All of that aside, the only thing that really mattered in the end, was that the boy was his, a gift from his Sire. And Spike suddenly realized with a start that that was all the reason he needed to care, and with a swirl of leather and a bounce in his step, Spike was out the door and off to claim what was his.

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