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Fic: Plausible Deniablity 4/4, PG-15, S/X

Title: Plausible Deniability Part 4/4
Fandom:Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel the Series
Author: eyezrthewindows
Rating: PG-15-ish
Characters: Spike(Will)/Xander, Faith
Prompt: 69. Writer's Choice -- UST
Warnings/Notes: Loads of UST, also angst. And just about the only sex in this fic concerns Will and his own hand, though he doesn't exactly get a lot of that, lmao. Sorry about that, it's just how it turned out.
Summary: When Will's step-sis Faith comes back from college for an unplanned visit she brings unexpected complications with her. Complications in the form of a very attractive Xander who seems to be very much attached at the hip to Faith. Spike's not at all jealous...of Faith.
Disclaimer: It may come as a surprise but I'm not Joss Whedon or Mutant Enemy and therefore I do not own Spike or any of his many shagging and verbal sparring partners. I weep for the injustice of it all and play with these characters in the fiction I write because this is pretty much all the fun I have.
Smut table: Spike/bunches of people.
Progress: 29/69
Beta: kitty_poker1.

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