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An easy fic search...

I think I'm suffering from Sometimers here...I've been wracking my brain for the past hour trying to remember the name of a certain fic. In it, I think towards the end of the fic, in a Spanderized version of Normal Again (Where Buffy thinks The Dale is just a figment of her imagination), Willow and Dawn catch Spike and Xander macking on each other in the hallway. The boys say something like, "Gotta run!" and leave. Dawn and Willow ask each other if they just saw what they thought they saw. Willow ends up going in to tell Buffy just as Buffy is about to dump the antidote in the trash. However, Buffy decides she's curious and really needs to see 'that' and finally drinks the antidote.

Ring any bells?
Thanks to whomever can jump start my failing brain!

Anyone? Anyone?
Does it help that it MAY have been a body switcheroo fic? Or some other spell related happening that brought Spike and Xander together?

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