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festivalverse: sometimes, boys like girls too

Hey guys, my first round of tests is over, so I bring you celebratory porn. I know I’ve been irregular with my posts lately, but I have the next chapter of this (part 8) pretty much written, so I don’t expect it’ll be more than a week before an update.

Warning/preview: a weeee bit of exhibitionism/voyeurism. And be warned (in case the end of the last chapter wasn’t hint enough), this is the Spike/Xander/Faith threesome. (is that a warning? lol. Be…attracted?)

Author: Mel (thatotherperv)
Pairing: Spander primarily; a smattering of other pairings, including S/other and X/other, but telling you which would ruin half the fun. Het, slash and femslash
Rating: NC-17 slash
Summary: human AU; Xander goes to a multi-day music festival to celebrate his 16th birthday alone and runs across a dubiously intentioned older Spike <coughs>
Warning: underage sex, obviously. Erm. Anything else that might come along, I’ll warn about later. Added to the list later: pairings other than spander, incl het, daddy!kink, drug use, exhibitionism/voyeurism
Disclaimer: the characters belong to Joss and ME...alas, alack.
Feedback: please :)
sparrow2000 juuust got back from vacation, so kitty_poker1 graciously picked up the beta for this chapter. Thanks so much, honey!

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part 7…because sometimes, they have sex with girls.
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