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FIC: Becoming Known 25/?-- S/X-- NC-17

Title: Becoming Known (25/?)
Authored by: Tisienne
Rating: NC-17... overall, but specifically for this part as well as parts to come. :P
Pairing: S/X... and if you didn't know that, you're on the wrong comm. LOL
Summary: Season 7 went askew here. Xander never lost his eye. Spike left very early. Buffy asked Xander tyo take Dawn away and it actually worked. The boys kept in touch via e-mail, and where else would Xander take Dawn to be safe?
A/N: RL is a stone bitch. Still, here's the next part. Hope it satisfies or at least doesn't let anyone down.

Previous parts found HERE

* * * * * * * * *

Part 25

In the end—or the beginning, rather—Spike found himself kissing his bloke soft and slow, letting his tongue and lips soothe the tremors still running through that wonderfully heated body.

His own skin rubbed slowly, gently against slightly swarthy skin and he spared a bare moment to think about how his boy would glow once spring and summer arrived and Xander could get some sun again, but that was irrelevant and something to think about later, he reminded himself as his tongue slid just a bit deeper into his bloke’s mouth, tracing teeth and the hard ridges of palate.

His hands stroked firmly but comfortingly up and down Xander’s sides, even as he straddled the boy’s thighs, the tip of his already seeping cock brushing lightly against the equally needy shaft the brunette sported.

“Need you, luv,” he whispered against full, red lips. “Need you, Xander… bloody hell, pet.”

His head was swimming from the kisses Spike was giving him. Hell, it was spinning, too, from the sensations the blond was creating within him.

A small part of Xander’s psyche was berating him, telling him he was… *weak, a sissy-boy, nothing but a fucking faggot, gonna show you what being a faggot is, you sorry little shit…*… acting like a queer. But the rest of him… oh, the rest of him wasn’t listening because what they were doing—what Spike was doing—felt so…

“Right,” he moaned into the vampire’s mouth, “Feels so… good, Spike… so… right…”

Long, elegant fingers spasmed on hot flesh and Spike gasped before gathering himself. “It does, pet,” he murmured back, tongue lapping small licks to Xander’s lips. “Can’t be wrong, luv… not when it feels like this, yah…?”

And somehow, Xander told himself, he was going to ignore the Tony-voice and just… go with what was happening because he did trust Spike.

He trusted him not to lie to him and he trusted him not to do anything that would make him—Xander—angry or sad or broken inside. He trusted him, and even though he’d said as much to the blond earlier, he really meant it. All the way down to the bottom of his soul, he realized.

“I… it can’t be… wrong,” he gasped softly, his hips rolling on the mattress, “When it f-feels like… y-you, Spike. God, nothing ever… I never… I won’t… I won’t h-hurt y-you… you’re… sure…?”

And now that Spike heard his bloke’s belief—right there in that wondering tone— he heard himself moaning. “No pain,” he whispered, pulling away from that seductive mouth to meet slowly opening brown eyes. “No pain, luv. Only pleasure for the both of us, yah…? Just let me…”

Xander groaned, his entire body shaking when Spike leaned to the side and pulled the tube of body lotion from the drawer of the table on the blond’s side of the bed. “Th-that’s not…” He tensed again.

An amazingly sweet smile crossed Spike’s lips and he leaned in once more, slowly tracing Xander’s lips with the tip of his tongue. “ ’s not lube,” he admitted, once his boy had relaxed a bit, “but it’s very slick, luv.” He sighed when Xander looked worried again. “Pet. Wouldn’t try ta use anythin’ that wasn’t good enough, would I? This’s slicker; better. Oil based. Keep us slidin’ an’ moanin’ all night, this will… if’n that’s what you want, Xan…”

Was it? Did he want that? To be inside Spike without hurting him… all night? Did he really believe that it could… not hurt?

He truly wondered, but… “I trust you,” he whispered, closing his eyes and biting his lip when he felt the cool, viscous emulsion being squeezed in a slow line along his length. “God… Spike…”

Spike’s eyes stayed locked on that clenched face as one hand stroked gently over his bloke’s cock, spreading the slickness thoroughly. “ ‘s a’right, Xander… just goin’ ta get myself all ready too, yah? Stretch my tight little hole so’s you can slide right in. No pain; nothin’ even like it…” He moaned softly as he raised himself, still straddling those thighs, but on his knees now. “Can see how big you are, luv… goin’ ta feel so good when I have you inside me, pet… have ta make sure I’m worked open enough first, is all.”

One finger—well coated with lotion—found its way between his thighs and Spike groaned, pressing it deep. “Feels so… good, luv… but you’re goin’ ta feel even better in me…” He moaned again, hiding his smirk as he saw his boy’s eyelids twitch. “Want ta watch me, pet? Watch my fingers slidin’ deep, see them sinkin’ inta me an’ know I want it ta be you…?”

Xander wasn’t sure, although little Xander was making his opinion known by twitching and nearly bouncing. “I… I…”

“Please, luv,” Spike whispered longingly, entirely sure that his boy wouldn’t be able to resist that tone, “Want you ta see, I do… see where I need you ta be, pet; see how good it’s goin’ ta feel…”

The human moaned softly, and even though he wasn’t sure he was ready to see what he wanted so badly, he couldn’t help it. His eyelids fluttered a few times then opened, and when he saw Spike there—kneeling over him on his knees, two long, elegant fingers sliding slowly in and out… in and out… he slammed them closed again. “G-god, baby… so fucking… I c-can’t…” He swallowed hard.

He debated adding another finger or two, but his bloke wasn’t watching and likely didn’t know enough to worry over that anyway, Spike realized.

“Don’t have ta, Xan,” he murmured, pulling away from himself and wrapping those same slick fingers around the long, thick readiness. “Time, luv… time ta feel you, yah? Want you so bad, pet… can’t stop now… bloody hell, just can’t!” And that was true enough. Yes, he wanted to have his boy—wanted to take his boy. But he could wait.

As long as he could feel that gorgeous sodding cock deep inside him, he could wait to bury himself root-deep in his bloke’s ass. Wait almost forever, if need be.

It was with that thought in mind that he held that thick tube of heated flesh still and positioned himself carefully at its tip.

“Goin’ ta take you in now, Xander,” he whispered, sinking down just a bit onto his bloke’s cock. His eyes closed and he groaned happily as he felt himself spreading around the hot intrusion. “So good, luv… so good already…”

“Oh… God…” Xander whispered, fingers digging deeper into the sheets beneath him as his head pressed back against the pillow. Every instinct screamed at him to chase the slowly growing sensation, to arch hard, to rock himself up into what was already the most blissful and perfect place he’d ever known, and yet he… couldn’t. Wouldn’t. “S-spike… God…”

And fuck if he’d been lying about his bloke’s size, because Xander… bloody fucking hell, Xander was longer—thicker—than Peaches ever was, and Spike hadn’t realized it until just that moment. Of course, he’d hadn’t actually given it much thought once he’d gotten used to the bastard being gone, but… ‘and that’s enough thinkin’ about him. My boy’s got him outdone and that’s the only thing what matters…’

He watched the small frown crease appear between his boy’s eyes and pressed himself down a bit further, feeling that long, heated body shivering beneath him. “Feels so good, luv,” he murmured, letting the moans he’d been swallowing color his voice, “So bloody good, Xander… ta take you in, feel you becomin’ a part of me… ta be stretchin’ around you like this…”

Spike grunted softly, his hips rising just a bit and he smirked at the disappointed groan his love released before he reversed the motion, sliding down farther as his body relaxed, pulling that wonderfully thick, hard heat deeper.

His hands moved, resting on Xander’s chest, and he swallowed hard at the rough, desperate pounding of his boy’s heart even as he shifted back and down a bit, taking in the last few inches with a soft, needy whimper. “Bloody hell, luv… could hold you like this forever… keep you inside me to the end of time, yah…?”

Oh, God. Jesus-fuck. He was… he was in! He was… inside Spike! And the vampire was so tight and cool around him, and the fingers spread on his chest were kneading just a little, and… and Spike didn’t seem to be in any pain, if the nearly gentle rocking of those slender hips on him was any sort of sign, and…

“Y-yeah…” he stammered, entirely unsure of what he’d just agreed with but completely certain that he didn’t care because whatever it was, it was something Spike had said, and… and God, Spike had been right. “G-god… baby…” he gasped, holding onto the bedding tightly.

“Does it feel good, Xander…?” the blond moaned, rocking just a bit harder, seating his bloke firmly within him. “So deep, luv… so bloody deep and hard in me, pet… love how you feel, precious… fill me up just right, you do…” He moaned again and bit his lip as his own motions had that amazing shaft nudging the spot Angelus had always avoided. “Tell me, Xan… tell me how it feels, yah…?”

Xander swallowed hard, eyes squeezed tightly closed. “I… I d-don’t have the w-words, baby,” he admitted shakily, somehow managing to keep his hips from bucking up as hard as they wanted to. Instead, he held them to a small arc that still pulled a loud grunting groan from his vamp. “Oh, God!” he nearly sobbed, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I w-won’t d-do it ag-gain!”

It wasn’t until his eyes flew open a scant second later to the sight of nearly glowing pale skin and an expression of sheer bliss on that almost pretty face that Xander realized it hadn’t been a bad sound. “I… Spike…?”

The vampire groaned again, a long, slow shudder racing through him as he met those baffled brown eyes. "Want you ta do that again, luv,” he breathed. “Want it, Xander. Need it. Felt so… bloody… perfect!”

God help him, he couldn’t keep himself from looking down his body, and when he saw Spike’s hips shift and felt it as his shaft moved inside that beautiful body, Xander forgot all about being afraid.

His fingers unclenched, leaving small mounds of distressed cotton behind and found knees, then thighs… and when Spike raised himself a good few inches and sank down again, those same fingers fastened tightly on strong, slender hips. “Wait,” he gasped.

Wait? Was the boy out of his bloody mind? “X-xander…” he started to say, only to lose himself in those hot eyes for a moment. “I… y-yah, pet?”

Brown hair drifted as Xander struggled just a bit to sit up beneath the perfect weight and when he’d managed it, he stared even deeper into wide, golden-blue. “I love you. Th-that’s all I w-wanted to s-say. I… love you, Spike. So… so much.”

As there was only one reasonable and proper response to that declaration, Spike made it.

His hands slid up the toned chest and over shoulders. One found the back of his bloke’s neck while the other tangled hard in longish brown hair, and when the blond pressed full, pink lips to hot red ones, he wasn’t sure if the moan was from the kiss or from the thick cock shifting with the change of position.

His tongue delved deep, delved hard into the wet cavern of Xander’s mouth, meeting its match in a dance as old as time, even as his body began to move slowly.

“More than anythin’,” he agreed shakily as he pulled back again. “Love you, pet… goin’ ta make you mine one day, yah…?”

Xander gasped and groaned, his arms tight around Spike’s toned waist, and when the blond began moving faster, harder, more purposefully on him, he… keened.

“A-already am, b-baby,” he heard himself say, and as it was the truth, he couldn’t quite manage to mind.

* * * * *

He remembered Anyanka saying once that the boy was a Viking in the sack, and fuck if the chit hadn’t been right, Spike thought blearily in a short moment of clarity.

He couldn’t quite recall when they’d moved… didn’t really know at what point he’d ended up on his back with that so-warm, so-right weight pinning him to the mattress.

In fact, all he knew was that Xander was still inside him, still deep and hard, and…

Their hands were joined, their arms spread to the sides as his human—his human—slid so slowly, so gently in and out of his body that Spike thought he might die in the real and permanent sense. And yet… he’d be damned if he was going to do anything to try to hurry the lad or make him thrust harder. His boy’s tenderness was a thing to be treasured and there would be time later—much, much later—for fast and rough.

And if his Xan was never ready for a good hard fuck, well… nothing wrong with just making love forever, was there? He’d somehow steel himself to that wretched fate, he thought with a smirk.

“Y-you… ok-kayay…?” Xander moaned, lips and tongue caressing the side of his lover’s neck—and Spike really was his lover now, he thought with a bit of shock. “Sh-should I…” he smiled hopefully against soft skin and slid deep before moving his hips in small, slow circles. He knew what the prostate was, of course, because Anya had mentioned it often enough in her many bids to get more ‘experimental’ with him, but he’d never really understood that it could create the sort of pleasure Spike showed whenever he brushed it, rubbed it, pressed it with his cock.

Gold-flecked blue eyes closed as the blond took one long, hitched breath. “B-bloody… fuck, precious… come for me, yah…? Let me…”

God, he didn’t want to. Finishing was the last thing on his mind, except… Spike was giving him such an incredible gift; was giving him something he’d never truly known before, and it was so much more than just sex, so much more than just bodies connecting and writhing, and…

“Too s-soon, baby…” Xander answered even more shakily, “Too soon to c-c-come… f-fuck, Spike… want to… so b-bad, b-but… feels so g-g-good… Love you, S-spike… l-love you s-so…”

That was all well and good, the vampire figured, but “Need ta feel you, Xander… please, luv… need you ta c-come now. Need ta f-feel you shootin’ off so deep in me, pet… b-bloody fuckin’… Xan…!” His fingers dug slightly into his bloke’s hands, blunt nails scratching with gentle passion even as he clenched his anus tightly, creating still more friction for that wonderfully warm human shaft. “N-now, luv,” he whimpered, although he’d deny it later if asked. Vampires didn’t whimper, after all.

Brown eyes closed tightly in an effort to resist the urge to do just as Spike asked, but then that tight ring clamped still tighter around him, creating an even more snug channel and Xander could do nothing but comply.

His body moved ever so slightly faster… harder… his fingers tightened around his vampire’s… and when the pressure built too high, when the fire burned too hot, Xander opened his eyes and raised himself just enough to hold those wide and stunned golden orbs with his own. “Love you,” he whispered, the legs around his waist holding him tight and deep… and “thank you…” also whispered as he arched and shook, his rock-hard balls pulsing repeatedly and releasing wave after wave of hot, thick seed into the beloved shape beneath him.

The slow, full-body flex was something Spike had never experienced before, and later—when he had time and energy to think—he would decide it was because he’d never felt like he did with Xander. But right in that moment he writhed sinuously under his lover, every inch of him heated by the spasms of his boy filling him… and as he felt that wonderful shaft pulsing inside him, those hot spurts of fluid bathing his insides while Xander looked into his demon’s face with love…

His long-denied orgasm took him, shook him, splintered him in the most unexpected but welcome way, and his own cry was just as soft as his human’s… and his explosion just as copious and earth-shattering, although not as contained.

“Love you too… love you, Xan… love you, pet..” he found himself murmuring, hands free now to stroke comfortingly over the brunette’s shaking back. And “No… stay, luv,” when his boy would have pulled away—pulled out. “Just.. for a while, yah…?”

“As long… long as you... want me to, baby…” Xander mumbled, his arms curving under his blond’s back, his lips pressed against that long, white throat again. “Long… as you… want…”

Spike smiled, his softly stroking hands slowing as he felt his boy drift off. He’d be sore later from having his Xan’s cock in his ass for hours on end, but… “Worth it, luv,” he whispered, turning his head just a bit to leave a soft kiss on the boy’s temple. “Would suffer far worse ta have you, yah…? Love you, I do.”

And somewhere in the silence that was broken only by the sound of one exhausted human breathing slow, deep and slumberous breaths, an unseen being smiled.

Her charge was going to be alright. At least he was well on his way to it, and she could possibly relax her vigilance a bit.

“Good luck, Xander,” she whispered to his sleeping mind, “And you were right. Be happy. That’s an order. I’ll be watching you.”

* * * * *

TBC... soon, I hope.

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