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Fic Search

Im looking for two stories. One is a Xander Angel story in which both of the guys get sucked into hell at the end of season two and when they come back its been hundreds of years for them but only a few month for the rest of the Scoobies. When they do get back they help fight a monster that only they know how to fight because they found one of the same kind in the hell dimension. I know I've read it but I don't know where or whoit is by so any help is appreciated. The other one is Spander and the two boys get sucked onto the portal at the end of season five when Buffy dies. Again they are in this dimension for like a century when they are found by Willow and Tara who have been looking for only afew months. There is a new slayer called and Faith and Wesley have tocome to Sunnydale to sort her out. I think the author of this one is Jameschick but I cannot find it I've tried to get their site but my computer is refusing any link I've found. I really want to read these two fics so help is wanted. Thanks.
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