My good intentions went up in smoke... (jans_intentions) wrote in bloodclaim,
My good intentions went up in smoke...

The Shepherd & the Forest God, AU spander, Part 4/4

Previously: "You don't believe in the god of the mountain?" Spike the bard asked in a silken voice. He was smiling, studying Alex like a blackbird might, as if he wasn't quite human, cocking his head from side to side.

Alex swallowed, feeling that strange warning shiver again, but he shoved it aside. "Naw. Besides, all of his festivals involve drinking or whoring, so if there is a god of the mountain, he's probably a drunken, fat slob, sleeping it off all the time: too busy to care if I steal a few berries."

"Drunken, fat slob? You are a very opinionated peasant boy."

betaed by the wonderful kitty_poker1
Alexander/Spike NC 17
A/n Alex is a simple shepherd, more than he seems.

The Shepherd & the Forest God Parts 1 & 2 & 3.

The Shepherd & the Forest God
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