yeah, i live on the hellmouth. (vichan) wrote in bloodclaim,
yeah, i live on the hellmouth.

VID: Be My Head (Spike/Xander)

I vidded for fall_for_sx.

Title: Be My Head
Artist: The Flaming Lips
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Category: Humor

Click here for link and full notes.

ETA: Worksafe or not?
To make it simple, I will say NOT WORKSAFE.
However, I'm going to say that it depends on your job. There are no dirty words in the song, and it uses clips from Buffy. So, if your work allows something that is as dirty as Buffy can get, then yes.
If your job doesn't like music, then don't play it. Obviously, it's a vid, and does have music.

(I really need to not use this post as a 'worksafe or not' debate with myself. Sorry, I'll stop. ^_^)
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