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Suzerain's Companion # 4

Title: Suzerain’s Companion (working title)
Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
Archived at:
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: Post WWIII and 250+ years on from the Black Thorn. Highly refined, purpose bred ‘Companion’ Alexander is ‘liberated’ by feral humans, consequently rescued by the Suzerain Spike’s forces, the head of which decides to ingratiate himself by presenting his Sire with a boy reminiscent of one of the former Scoobies.
Spoilers: Canon is AU - very post S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.

Part 4

The story in the late morning was something very different.

Alexander woke to insistent attentions, attentions that his body was desperate to accept. He was being hugged and stroked and kissed by a being that in no way seemed to be the Suzerain of the previous night. Alexander had never been with *anyone* before – all his previous giving of seed simply being by his own hand and for breeding.

Now he returned every attention passionately and completely. He craved the touch and needed… something… Only just entering his eighteenth year his was at his prime and, having been marked, his need to couple… felt… quite overwhelming. He paused for a moment, realizing it was a male and the Suzerain affording him such an opportunity, but then gave in to the carnal need.

Spike was somewhat taken aback. He had still been somewhat lucid as he returned to his home, but really could remember very little but that his new Companion had been loving and considerate, easing him to his rest. He had awoken late morning stripped, tucked in to a warm bed and obviously cared for. He also noted that his Companion had slept an uncomfortable night on the couch and exuded the distinct smell of arousal.

He had groaned in pain, the result of the previous night’s imbibing. The marked Companion was instantly awake and at his owner’s side with a cool towel and a wrist offered ready to be bitten. He had waved the latter away, but then grabbed it and pulled the boy down onto the bed with him, demanding that he spoon Spike’s back as he was ‘cold’. Alexander had obliged of course and the Suzerain had melted back into the soft warmth of his boy then promptly fallen asleep again.

Some time after midday they had switched positions. Spike cuddling his Companion like some over sized Teddy bear. A Teddy bear that had an extraordinary effect on his own (of recent times waning) libido. His own marked Companion was now in his arms and smelled of morning arousal.

He lifted the choker a little and licked over his mark then began to stroke the boy, and after some thought just decided to scent him, so continued to lick and bite while he used the cleft of the taught buttocks as a channel for his own angry erection. Alexander woke, then came in very quick succession, just as Spike bit down again on his Companion’s mark and shot his cool seed up the back of his compliant charge.

They both lay for a moment in the aftermath as Spike laved over the wound and it began to close. Alexander simply stilled, compliant and feeling quite… tired again. He was snapped awake by a hard slap to his buttocks and the demand, “Well get up and clean up this mess!”

Relaxed mood completely lost, Alexander shot out of the bed as though the very devil was after him. He returned to give his owner a warm wet towel down before he rushed back to the bathroom to clean himself off.

By the time he came back into the bedroom the Suzerain was up and dressed. Alexander began to pull on the white pants from the previous day but was stopped in his tracks as a full black suit was pitched at him with force. “Get this on. No having any boy o’ mine in white! Bloody disgraceful color!”

Xander quickly changed and followed his owner out of the room. He thought he would be expected to follow the Suzerain to the meeting rooms but instead was led to the training rooms and introduced to the Mistress Janet.

She was a sensei of black belt level in three different martial arts and gym instructor before the fall of the human race, had been found unwilling to partner but been turned as a Childe by the Cartel leader Mistress Eleanor, then presented to the Suzerain in penance for a serious ‘misunderstanding’ regards payments of her cartel’s fees to the central group.

Mistress Janet had gone willingly, knowing that her sacrifice would keep her Sire safe, but had found a place in the Suzerain’s Court. She took the role of training the Suzerain’s minions and occasionally a human in the art of fighting. Older vampires too used her skills, Angelus training under her watchful eye regularly.

The shortish, pretty female vampire with naturally dark hair, had a slightly odd gait courtesy of illness as a human, something that seemed to disappear as soon as she entered the gym or graced the dojo mat. Many a cocky minion, thinking she would be easily taken, had found themselves pinned easily and quickly deferred to the dominant female. So much so that the Suzerain enjoyed dropping in to the sessions just for the pleasure of seeing her take the youngsters down a peg or three.

It only took one or two sessions with the Mistress Janet before any of her students bowed to her with reverence borne of respect not custom. Even the Suzerain sparred with her occasionally – something his dear ageless trainer never tired of. Spike would usually let her take the upper hand initially but inevitably he pinned her to the floor or was in the position to take a killing blow then chose not to, instead giving her a draft of his blood as acknowledgement of her fine work.

As she met the pair at the door of the dojo, she could smell the scent of the Suzerain all over the boy.


“This is Alexander. New Companion. Need him fit and deadly. Three months – at the outside six… can you do it?”

Janet looked over to the rather effeminate boy behind her boss and noted the soft lines and sweet look. She looked at the ground then up at the Suzerain. “I suspect it will take the six Suzerain… The boy is a bred Companion, is he not?”

“Champion apparently… Spike paused and watched Janet’s eyes narrow a little as she considered the implications of trying to train an individual who had been specifically had aggression bred out. Spike grinned rather wickedly as he saw the hesitation, “Good you’ve got four months.” Before the Mistress could help herself she looked up with annoyance, but the Master lifted his wrist to her and allowed her just a tiny draft of his blood.

She pulled away and nodded in a business like manner, “As you say Suzerain. He will be ready.”

Alexander moved willingly into the training area for the first of what would be a gruelling schedule of gym, skill and fitness sessions that saw his body shift from the softer lines of the teenager, to a rather magnificent specimen of sleek masculinity. He would never be heavy and his face retained its pretty quality, but the muscles thickened and were far more defined as any baby fat he still carried fell away with the hard work.

He warmed his owner’s bed each night, though there was no more to it than that and perhaps the occasional welcomed stroking and mutual pleasure.

The only problem Mistress Janet perceived was that the dear Companion had been bred, engineered and trained *not* to be aggressive…

In the third month of his training, the Suzerain watched the sparring session, and was genuinely disappointed to see his ‘bodyguard’ pull punches and then simply submit. He decided to up the anti.

Every time Alexander was asked to spar with his betters, he simply could not inflict harm… He knew intellectually that vampires had amazing recovery time etc etc. But still he struggled. Mistress Janet was at her wits’ end and in the middle of the third month of Alexander’s training, appealed to the Suzerain. There was nothing more she could do.

The quiet, considerate, *warm* male Companion had quite endeared himself to Spike, and the Suzerain was not about to abandon the project. He had an idea.

He worded up his First, and Angelus agreed immediately. Once more he was ‘out of favour’ according to the cartels, so even if spied upon, it would confirm the charade.

His Sire and he exchanged blood before they entered the training space, Angel fully aware that the following week his dear Lisbeth (again in her ‘male’ guise) was to be turned and mated in private with his Sire’s full approval. Angel smiled rather shyly at his Sire and stilled as they were about to walk through the door. He took his Sire’s hand and bent to touch it to his forehead then his mark, and whispered, “Thank you for…”

Spike knew the agenda prompting the gesture and pulled Angel into a full embrace, kissing him soundly. “Family… ‘S all it is Pet… Family!... Now let’s go sort that boy out.”

The two entered the training area unannounced. Alexander knew better than to fall to his knees, instead standing, hands clasped behind his back and eyes lowered.

The Suzerain addressed his trainer, “Well done Mistress. He is quite… perfect.” But then Xander heard the growl from the First of the Suzerain.

Angel played his part, growling then spitting out, “I’ve seen the tapes Sire. F@#$ He *cannot* fight… he’s a pretty boy … You’re replacing me with *that*??”

“More willin’ than you though Pet, isn’t he! Hmm??”

“F#@$ that!!! He might look good but you need me! How many times Sire? How many times have I had your back yet you reject me for *that*?”

They were both in game face, snarling and circling like two great cats spoiling for a fight.

“When am I to find your favour? When will I gain my own territory?”

“Never… Childe… just … Never! You are a disgrace!”

Without warning Angelus moved with lightening speed to attack his Sire, but surprisingly, the Companion Alexander was faster, and the Mistress grinned.

It was a simple tackle low down but the collision left them both sprawled on the mats and Angelus the more surprised. Even before the vampire could act the Companion was instantly straddling him and throwing a flurry of wild punches.

The barked command of the Suzerain to stay his hand, however, was obeyed immediately – if a little confusing. He was in a blinding white haze of anger. The Suzerain, his marker, his owner, his all, was under threat, he had to protect him!

Spike approached the upset boy slowly. Still seated on the dark vampire, Alexander’s body shook uncontrollably, he limbs tingled and all he could think of was *Suzerain*!

Finally Spike managed to push the still fisted hands down and lifted the shaking human into a warm hug.

“C’mon Pet… C’mon!!! Just needed to know is all… That you had it in you… Shhh… it’s OK!... C’mon! You don’t think my Childe would really hurt me?”

Alexander lifted chocolate eyes so full of tears and adoration, that Spike almost lost his train of thought.

“I *asked* Angelus… just like I might ask you one day… you know… play a part… get a response… Ahh Pet… Calm down… Ohh Bloody Hell!” The Suzerain recognized the confusion and the devotion, so finally sank his fangs into the dear human over his mark once more, but this time biting down hard and true, and at the same time stroking his dear marked Companion to completion once again.

Alexander was still wild eyed, heart racing and panting and now the front of his training pants were wet. He had lost all track of what he was expected to do after the bite so simply held tight on the Suzerain’s grip, and eventually slumped against his keeper, quietly whispering, “I’m your’s, I’m your’s.” over and over.

It didn’t solve the problem. The Suzerain needed to be confident of his Companion’s ability to attack on an order from his owner, not just when Spike was in peril. He wondered if a full claiming would have some effect. Certainly the boy would be linked to the vampire for all time.

The Suzerain smiled and nodded to his First, the ‘actor’, and Angelus returned the gesture and then departed from the scene, happy that his Sire was pleased with his performance.

Spike turned his attention to the boy in his arms, “You did well today Pet. So… My bed tonight and we’ll see to ya. Work on the attack on command – and you’re bloody style tomorrow.”

Alexander relaxed and sighed a little, he had done well. He had panicked as he realized that he had attacked the Suzerain’s Childe! But Angelus had been pretending, so he had still ‘done well’ and was to be pleasured by his owner, it had only happened a few times previous when his owner needed comfort and found it in pleasuring his Companion, something Alexander found a little odd but never questioned. They had been the Companion’s happiest nights

The first night it happened he realized just how much he missed Master Natte’s establishment and missed Samuel. They had always been penned together at night. Natte firmly believing that his stock suffered if they slept alone as they were bred to crave affection. Samuel and he had often brought each other to mutual relief, never truly coupling, just enjoying the touch of another.

Now the Suzerain had not only marked him, but promised him a reward! Even if it was the only time he received such a prize, the gentle Companion resolved to work even harder at his training, though pondered the problem of *attacking*… he really did struggle with the idea.

He was pulled from his musing by a sharp slap to his backside. “Right then off with you. Handlers there ‘ll see to ya.” Alexander stood immediately, eyes to the floor, and followed the handlers out to be showered and fed and then… his owner’s bed. He smiled at the thought.

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