bars_of_orion (bars_of_orion) wrote in bloodclaim,

I'm going crazy

Well, since everyone has been so nice about my last request, I figured I'd try again. I've been searching for a fic for almost two hours, and just can't find it. That may be because all that I can remember is that it's Spander, it's h/c (one of many where Xander's dad is evil), and the one part that sticks out in my brain is that Xander talks to himself; apparently it was a habit that he picked up when he was little, to make up conversations with Willow and Jesse? Maybe? Does it sound vaguely familiar? It's driving me crazy not being able to figure this out, so please give even vague resemblances.

ETA: Ok, I also gave up on finding the other fic that I was looking for. This one I remember a bit more about though, so yay! It had Xander trying to protect Spike, and so their captured by the initiative, and they bond (vampire bond) they manage to escape, but one of them (Xander?) manages to get caught again (Riley?) and the Scoobies try to rescue him, but only manage with the help of Dru.
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