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i'm a bad friend...

and i totally missed my taruma16's birthday this year because i went to a concert and was all giggly because someone remembered me.

so i had to do something for my girl. right? it's what friends do. i comtemplated begging forgiveness, knowing she'd give it to me. i thought about running out and buying something that reminds me of her. so many possibilities. and then it hit me... what would she want the most?

Title- Birthday Love
Author- babysquid
Pairing- SPANDER!! duh!
Rating- R? and up... hard to say exactly... but they are naughty boys...
Summary- i forgot a good friends birthday and the boys are here to help me out of a jam. NOT WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE SHOW IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE- i.e. no spoilers! completely AU!
Disclaimer- if i owned Spike or Xander i would not be reading or writing fan fic. nor would i be a grad student right now. i would be happily locked away with them having a good time. but i don't own them. and this makes me sad. so don't sue me, i already owe too much in student loans.
Dedication- for taruma16, i love ya doll! hope you had an awesome birthday!!!

Xander collapsed on his back on the mattress. His naked body glistened from his excursions. His chest rose and fell heavily as he gasped for breathe. Beside him, Spike nestled his cooler body alongside his lovers.
"Damn, Xan… that was incredible." Spike ghosted kisses along Xander’s shoulder.
Xander couldn’t speak. His heart pounded in his chest. He could barely hear Spike’s voice over the sound of blood pumping in his ears.
"You came in looking like you had something to tell me, but I have to say that attacking me was much better." Xander could practically hear the excitement in Spike’s words. Xander replayed what Spike had said a couple of times before he sat straight up in the bed, Spike quickly followed.
"Xan?" Spike was worried by Xander’s strange reaction.
"We forgot!"
"What, pet? What did we forget?"
"Tanja’s birthday!"
"Bullocks!" Spike scrambled out of the bed and ran towards his dresser. He pulled the bottom drawer completely out in search of clothes. Xander took a moment to enjoy the show- watching Spike’s manly bits dangle free was one of his favorite hobbies after all.
"Spike." He watched Spike toss aside shirts and pants. The pair of leather pants that molded perfectly to Spike’s ass and could make Xander come without being touched flew into the air. "Spike." He spoke louder, trying to get the vampire’s attention. Clothes continued flying in every direction. "Spike!"
"What are you doing?"
"I’m getting packed! We have to get to Germany and beg Tanja’s forgiveness." Spike paused in his “packing” to give Xander his patented "duh" look.
"I have a better idea."
"Yeah. Come here and I’ll tell you." Xander held his hand out to the blonde and waited for Spike to come back to the bed.
"Alright. I’m here." Spike scooted into Xander’s lap. "What’s this great plan of yours?"
"Well… first we get Tanja’s attention and then we give her our present.”"
"Sounds good."
"Count of three?" Spike nodded. "1! 2! 3!"
"Happy Birthday, Tanja!!" The boys yelled together.
"Sorry we forgot, luv. But you’ve seen the boy… can’t blame me for getting distracted."
"And T… well… my excuse is just as bad… Spike was purring and it went straight to my dick." Xander wiggled his eyebrows.
"So…" Spike looked down at Xander. "Present time?"
"Hell yeah!" Xander grabbed the blonde by his shoulders and threw him back onto the bed.
Xander and Spike proceeded to fuck like the horny bunnies they are. All in the name of Tanja.


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