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Suzerain's Companion # 5

Title: Suzerain’s Companion (working title)
Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
Archived at:
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: Post WWIII and 250+ years on from the Black Thorn. Highly refined, purpose bred ‘Companion’ Alexander is ‘liberated’ by feral humans, consequently rescued by the Suzerain Spike’s forces, the head of which decides to ingratiate himself by presenting his Sire with a boy reminiscent of one of the former Scoobies.
Spoilers: Canon is AU - very post S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.

Part 5

He wasn’t sure where he should be after he’d been showered and dried, so simply stood, towel around his waist, in the middle of the room ‘at ease’ and waited.

It seemed like hours but was probably only minutes before he heard and almost felt his beloved Suzerain. He struggled to stay still as the vampire walked around behind him and whispered how proud of him he was; how much he hoped he would grow into his role; how much he was cared for… And with the last statement, the boy struggled to hold back his tears. He had never imagined that the Suzerain would value him, he had hoped but...

“Gonna Claim you tonight Pet, seemings as you’re strugglin’ so hard with the attackin’ and such. Reckon it just might help. But ya gotta agree…”

Alexander’s hopes rose then fell. The Suzerain was claiming him to improve his ability to do his designated role as defender of his owner, nothing more. He was useful, not loved. But then, he really had to stop expecting the ruler of the Super Alliance of Demon Cartels to love a Companion. Logic dictated. He would say yes and would be the best bodyguard the Suzerain had ever had, bearing the loneliness of knowing that despite the fact that he lay with the vampire nightly, it was unlikely to ever be more than that.

The brunette swallowed hard, “Yes, Suzerain, I wish to be claimed by you, Suzerain. Thank you, Suzerain. It is my duty and training to serve you, Suzerain.”

But Spike heard the hesitation, the sadness and resigned submission in the answer. “Listen! Don’t need a bloody lacky… You either want this or ya don’t! Now what’s got your knickers in a twist?”

Alexander was on the edge of an anxiety attack as he answered in close to a whisper, “I had hoped I… I… you might… um that you might… since you are… that you might care f-for me… as… um…”

“Course I bloody care for ya, you nit!! Otherwise I’d’ve sold ya months ago! Now go lie down face up on the bed, while I sort meself some supplies. And if you so much as *smell* of tears, I’m gonna beat it out of you so hard you’ll wish ya *were* a feeder not a breeder!”

Alexander went to lie on the bed as instructed, now miserable and unsure of what to expect.

But the Suzerain was all but whistling as he returned with three aromatic candles, a fearsome looking ceremonial knife and various jars of things the Companion could not identify without changing his position to look properly.

“Now first things first Pet. Let’s get rid of that there choker – and before ya start fussing, it’s just for now. Got it??”

The human nodded, pulled his long hair sideways and turned his face away so his owner might access the lock at the back with ease.

Spike then lit the candles, putting one at the apex of the bed head and one on either side table. He spread a feather light, red silk sheet over his already nude Companion, wickedly rubbing Alexander’s lax member through the material as he crawled up the bed. The response was almost instant and his soon to be claimed let out a little whimper with the sensation.

Spike straddled him, sitting squarely over his hips and rocking back just a little so Alexander continued to feel the Suzerain’s behind pressing against his now full erection. Alexander struggled to focus, “Now Marked Companion. You will need to answer the ritual words then I will claim you. There will be pain. Are you still prepared to be Claimed for all time?”

“Yes Suzerain. I wish to be your claimant.”

“Right well let’s on with it then.”

Spike tugged the sheet down and opened his own wrist just a little, as he the blood dripped onto his Companion’s torso making a bloody pentagram, he recited the ritual words which Alexander dutifully replied to. “Companion Alexander, do you give yourself freely to the Suzerain Spike?”

“Yes, I give myself freely.”

“Do you fully accept the consequences? If the Claimant has false intent you will die. If you are true to your word then your the link to the Suzerain will go well beyond your changed status in demon society, you will also crave your Claimer in every way, need for his blood and have a non physical connection. You will live for as long as your Claiming vampire unless you are mortally wounded, but die an agonizing death in the case of his demise. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand the consequences.”

“Then it shall be so,” With those words Spike took a handful of dust from one of the jars on the side and sprinkled it on the pentagram on Alexander’s chest. There was a harsh flash and the blood simply seemed to disappear into the Claimed’s skin, “Now offer yourself as the Claimed of the Suzerain.”

Alexander wasn’t sure what to do next exactly but his owner swiftly lifted himself and tugged away the sheet completely in the process.

“Gonna mark your skin first pet, then gonna take you as mine now flip over then stay still.”

The human obediently flipped over and abruptly arched as he felt white searing pain just over his tail bone. An iron hand pushed him back down onto the bed and game faced Suzerain literally growled, “Bloody Hell! Stay. Still!” Spike cut an ornate ‘S’ into his back with the hunting knife as the poor Companion tried to muffle his cries by biting down into the pillow but could not stop the tears from eyes squeezed shut so hard that it was almost painful. He just hoped his owner would be too preoccupied to note his weakness.

As soon as Spike finished he laved over the area with a cooling tongue. “There, all done.” Alexander simply whimpered a little, but remained still. The tongue did feel wonderful over the burning pain. His chest where the pentagram had been was suddenly hot too, and as he began to catalogue the painful, yet increasingly pleasant sensations, he felt his hips being lifted and hands massaging his backside in the most erotic fashion. He knew the hands kneading him and gradually working their way to his entrance… he lost himself in the sensation, welcoming the slicked finger inside when it finally pushed through the barrier muscles. There was so much slick on the finger it felt… just wonderful. His Claimer was purring and stroking his fast becoming interested member. Alexander began to rock back then felt a second finger enter, and finally a third before he was flipped once more.

He arched up as the covers hit his sliced flesh, but the pain was swiftly relieved as the Suzerain took his legs and slung them over his shoulders, lifting his hips.

Then the white pain of the cuts was surpassed by the hurt of a large iron stiff object plunging into his core in a single stroke then stilling. His own manhood wilted a little but his owner knew a virgin passage took time to adjust and waited, taking the time to pepper kisses on the neck Claimed.

Spike felt the sheath of muscles begin to flutter and began to move, tiny movements in and out, controlled and slow, gradually increasing the pace as he felt the boy push back more enthusiastically. As they began to move in concert and Alexander moaned as his prostate was brushed yet again, the vampire snaked his hand around and began to pump his charge in time with the thrusts.

He felt the Companion give in to the wonderful sensations and move closer and closer to climax. Alexander finally stiffened and Spike chose the moment to strike, biting deep and hard over his previous mark and drinking quickly as the Companion came hard. After the first draft he also released, filling his now Claimed before they both collapsed, Spike still embedded deep within both neck and backside.

A few long minutes later, the Suzerain withdrew his fangs and laved the wound closed then opened his wrist and offered it to Alexander who took it with a look of awe and after a few drafts, gazed in wonder and adoration at the Suzerain whilst still suckling. As his Claimer pulled out and took back the wrist, Alexander passed out.

He woke a few hours later in his Suzerain’s arms, being stroked to hardness again. But this time something inside had definitely shifted… He *felt* the Suzerain, felt his Claimer on a visceral level, like he was a part of the same being. It was wonderful.

They coupled again, and again throughout the daylight hours. Finally the exhausted Companion was ordered to the shower and allowed to joyfully clean his owner as well as himself.


The same evening as Alexander’s claiming, Angelus had turned his long time claimant, Lisbeth in his private rooms.

Spike visited the soon to be Sire as he kept vigil at his dear one’s death bed, waiting for her to rise. He fed the dark vampire his own powerful blood and revelled in the idea of being Grandsire to the prize on the bed.

She had been fed massive amounts of her new Sire’s blood. The pretty individual had always looked ethereally beautiful whether in male or female guise, now even more so.

Lisbeth was witty, blindingly intelligent, and absolutely loyal as a human, and was the perfect choice for his powerful Childe. She also, according to his Childe’s rather sheepish admission one drunken evening, enjoyed ‘asserting’ herself in the bedroom – even with male to male type activities. Spike had simply refrained from commenting and smiled at the time. She would make a fine vampire.

Two days later, his Sire - the Suzerain, and his Sire’s Claimed, bore witness to Angel’s formal mating ritual with his new Childe. Their identical mating insignias magically scarred the skin around their belly buttons after they were branded by their Grandsire as part of the ritual.

It was joyful for all concerned, though to the outside world, nothing had changed.

Lisbeth’s Childe status would be held secret for a little time yet, and the Companion’s Claimed status would not be acknowledged in public. Both the partners felt a little sad not to be able to show their affection openly but understood and played their part.

When Alexander returned to his training four days following his Claiming, the Mistress noted the difference.

There was a new confidence and she was so close when correcting his stance, that she could scent the change.

He trained hard, now feeling his Claimer very distinctly through some strange emotional link. But even though he was aware of the Suzerain’s calculated violence, after three weeks there still seemed to be little change in his ability to be aggressive. That was unless the Suzerain himself was threatened.

Mistress Janet noted the same with pride, that her student had pinned a Master Vampire to the floor of the Cartel meeting room in a blinding flash of speed and very good technique when said individual stood with stake in hand ready to attack the Suzerain. With a nod from Spike, the Master was dust at the hand of the pretty bodyguard.

Spike took the Mistress aside after the event, kissed her soundly and gave her a trickle of his blood in gratitude, but still had to ask her professional opinion, “Even with my blood?”

“He will attack anything or anyone that would hurt you, Suzerain. To the point of placing himself in deadly circumstances, I would suggest. But he is simply not cut out for cold blooded murder. Find yourself an assassin, Suzerain, and let the boy do the job you originally tagged him for… let him warm your bed and protect you. He is loyal to a fault and easy on the eye… and a very good study… bright and willing. If I may be so bold, you have Claimed well, Suzerain.”

Spike looked up in surprise at the last statement, only to see Janet brush her nose with her forefinger to indicate a no tell policy was maintained.

Two days later, the Companion was pleased to learn that he was no longer expected to attack on command.

A very vicious gangland criminal ‘J.B’, turned as a vampire minion then trained virtually as an ‘attack dog’, arrived, muzzled and bound with his ‘handler’. The Suzerain was pleased when his bodyguard Alexander placed himself between the new comers and his owner. Spike now had little doubt that his dear Alexander would taken the other down if it were at all possible – or die trying if his Suzerain were ever threatened.

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