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Festival!verse: our heros ride off...a little sore. 
29th-Sep-2006 09:35 pm
Alright, folks, this is it, the final chapter. :) the porn party couldn’t continue forever, and everyone’s packing up to go home. Sad but true.

Author: Mel (thatotherperv)
Pairing: Spander primarily; a smattering of other pairings, including S/other and X/other, but telling you which would ruin half the fun. Het, slash and femslash
Rating: NC-17 slash
Summary: human AU; Xander goes to a multi-day music festival to celebrate his 16th birthday alone and runs across a dubiously intentioned older Spike <coughs>
Warning: underage sex, obviously. Erm. Anything else that might come along, I’ll warn about later. Added to the list later: pairings other than spander, incl het, daddy!kink, drug use, exhibitionism/voyeurism
Disclaimer: the characters belong to Joss and ME...alas, alack.
Feedback: please :)
sparrow2000 did the beta. Thanks bunches, babe!

previous installments are here

part 10, the part with the end
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