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Whispers of the Night 4/4 Spander

Title: Whispers of the Night
Author: Athenewolfe
Paring: Spike/Xander slash
Word Count : Chapter Three: 854 words
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Alternate seasons of four and five produced this S5 dark fic
Warnings: Slash, dark fic, bloodplay, death and dark characters.
Table: 50 Dark Fics
Previous Chapters Here

Summary: Xander discovers that the line between sanity and insanity is as thin as that between pleasure and pain.

Chapter Four

The whispers woke him up. They were screaming at him. Wake up, Wake up, it’s time to play now.

Xander bolted up and leaned towards the barred window. What are they saying? What do they want of me now?

He knew he was loosing it, but wondered if he even cared anymore. It was their fault; his so called friends. If they hadn’t put him here, it wouldn’t have happened. He needed the pain, needed the pleasure of the cut to keep the demons at bay. Here, he was denied this; his only solace the whispers themselves. Taunting him with how his friends were better off, how they laughed at him, and never thought of him anymore.

The whispers soothed him though. They told him stories of the past and described to him the pleasures of the here and now. They whispered of his freedom, of his future away from this hell. They told him of love and revenge entwined.

He knew when Spike entered the city limits. Followed his exploits with pleasure as the vampire sought him out. The whispers told him secrets. Things that had been discovered while Spike had been away. Did Xander know that Spike could walk in the daylight, that the ring gave him the freedom of the sun? That the chip was rendered useless; he could hurt a human, he could kill a human. He had already done so. He was free, restrained only by a piece of jewelry.

The whispers were sad though. He brought the shiny trinket for Xander. An enhanced bracelet that would help block the whispers. The voices cajoled, he didn’t have to wear it. He could be free. Be one with the energies, commune with them, be one with them. Wouldn’t it be nice to never be alone again? They promised him pleasure, knowledge, and power. All he had to do was give in.

Now get dressed. Put on your clothes. Your lover is here. His mouth stained with blood. Be free. Come to us and be free.

Xander’s first sight of his lover confirmed everything that the whispers had spoken of. His demon standing over one of the doctors, his mouth stained with blood. Xander didn’t care anymore. The whispers had told him all. Spike was the vessel of his freedom and would exact his revenge.

Xander was lost. He had crossed a line he could never come back from. Fueled by thoughts of revenge and pain, he smiled. His sanity was in question, hanging by a single thread. He might yet be able to recover, to gain clarity of thoughts once more, but not yet. Everything was wrong and it was the fault of his faithless friends. Had they trusted him, believed in him, then this never would have happened. They abandoned him and laughed at him. The whispers had told him so.

Xander kissed Spike in his demon face; licking a drop of blood away. It was tangy. His brown eyes glazed over. It had been too long since he’d had his lover. He wasn’t as coherent as he would have liked, to many drugs in his system. But he knew how to communicate. To make sure that Spike knew that he wasn’t to blame for what happened. He had to leave to help Xander. It wasn’t Spike’s fault that the Scobbies had locked him up. He had warned him.

He kissed his demon. Not allowing him to change, he pushed Spike against the wall, ignoring the body that was cooling on the floor. He knelt down; his pants becoming coated with the other man’s blood. He watched as Spike hardened; the sight of Xander covered in blood and unbuttoning the vampire’s pants was beautiful to the vampire. He could tell that Spike could hardly restrain himself.

Xander smiled. The whispers told him what his lover wanted. To take Xander. In the pool of blood as a vampire should; blood and fucking; desire and revenge. Xander listened to his lover gasped as he took him in his mouth. Sucking him, touching him, and caressing him. Manipulating his lover, trying to drive him to that brink; the moment when he couldn’t stand it anymore. Of pleasure, of pain, where he had to take or be taken.

The moment was reached and it was glorious. Spike had used the doctor’s blood to lubricate himself, to make himself ready to take his lover. Xander wondered if that was safe. It probably wasn’t. Then the thought was driven out of his mind and he was taken. Hard, fast. It was glorious. An idle thought crossed his mind – he could always be turned if the doctor’s blood was tainted. Unlife might be fun. On that thought, Xander looked back and shook his head at Spike. He mouthed, ‘No biting'.

He couldn’t loose the clarity of the whispers. Not until his revenge was finished. There would be no biting, no turning until them.

Perhaps he was a bit off, a little less then sane. Oh well, it was their fault.

He smiled. The fun was only beginning.


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