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Suzerain's Companion # 6

Title: Suzerain’s Companion (working title)
Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
Archived at:
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: Post WWIII and 250+ years on from the Black Thorn. Highly refined, purpose bred ‘Companion’ Alexander is ‘liberated’ by feral humans, consequently rescued by the Suzerain Spike’s forces, the head of which decides to ingratiate himself by presenting his Sire with a boy reminiscent of one of the former Scoobies.
Spoilers: Canon is AU - very post S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.

Part 6

For three months after the Claiming and Lisbeth’s turning, little changed.

Alexander protected the Suzerain in public and warmed his bed in private – daily saddened by the matter of fact way he was treated as the alternative to heating blanket. Yet the Companion craved the vampire’s touch, so each time he was pulled tight against the cool body, and was offered a little blood from his Claimer’s wrist (now so necessary), he tried to count his blessings. And if the Suzerain nuzzled his neck or rubbed against him during sleep, Alexander would take the private time to quietly cry, hoping the sensitive vampire nose would not notice.

Lisbeth had yet to be acknowledged as a Childe and no-one outside the immediate household ever came close enough to notice, but that could not last. The Mistress Janet trained the new vampire by herself once a day and with Angelus again toward the morning. Lisbeth was stronger than the average fledge – and her lithe figure and naturally graceful style augured well for a very deadly combination were Angelus and Lisbeth ever cornered.

Of late, occasionally the Mistress would have Lisbeth and Alexander spar and gradually came to realize the increase in the human’s speed and strength. Initially she had thought that Lisbeth was pulling her strikes, but it was apparent by the third occasion that it was not the case. She could only put it down to the claiming by the Suzerain and wondered that the cartel leaders had yet to notice the change in the Companion come bodyguard.

In his fourth month of being a Sire, Angelus begged Spike to acknowledge Lisbeth in front of the leaders of the cartels – she was after all a Childe of the line of Aurelius. Spike agreed, but only after considering how it was done to safeguard the family.

In the end it was decided. To the outside world, Angelus was apparently currently still out of favour. And all in the group of cartel leaders knew of his tendency to catch, train and bed ferals, especially those with similar slim lines and elfin features, either male or female. So the stage was set. The performance to occur on the night of the monthly cartel leaders' meeting.

The Suzerain roared his displeasure at his Childe’s latest tryst in full earshot of several minions he knew to be spies, and coinciding with the arrival of five cartel leaders. The drama was occurring just outside the Suzerain’s quarters within sight, but at the end of the very long hallway. A blonde girl was prostrated at his feet obviously trembling with fear.

Spike was in game face, something that even the cartel leaders feared. Loud shouting ensued, “And you leave her on my doorstep to do what exactly?”

Angelus was on his knees, head down with wrists bound behind his back and blood still oozing from a painful looking bite mark on his neck – opposite to his turning mark, an obvious sign of his Sire's displeasure. He replied rather miserably, “I just thought you might enjoy her… She was very…”

Spike hit him so hard that he fell sideways and his head impacting hard on the floor with a nasty crack.

“Idiot Childe!! She is damaged goods. You *insult* me by offering your *leftovers*! If you think she's such a tasty then *you* take her, not just as concubine… have her for eternity and see how it feels to have a wayward Childe weighing you down!”

With lightening speed, he grabbed Angelus by the scruff of the neck, forced him up and slapped him hard enough to bring his Childe's demon to the fore, then forced him down onto the whimpering girl’s neck. The witnesses saw the girl shudder and cry out as Angelus tried to protest but then give in to instinct bit hard and began to apparently drain her.

In truth, little blood was taken and Lisbeth whimpering was to do with the young vampire trying to contain her own demon and stem her arousal.

Spike sliced the ropes binding his Childe’s hands none too carefully, the knife cutting deep into the now freed wrist. He grabbed the wounded limb and shoved it into the now collapsed girl’s mouth and massaged her neck.

Six more cartel masters arrived just in time to witness the ‘turning’.

The cartel leaders gasped as minutes went by. The Suzerain was indeed making a Grandchilde, *forcibly*. And since there would be little love lost between new Sire and Childe, or Grandsire and this new fledge, the dysfunctional Aurelians had apparently just provided them all with another way to undermine the ruler.

Spike made a show of whipping off his belt and forcing it around Angelus’ neck, making collar and leash in one, humiliating his Childe in full view of the audience. He then tugged hard, barking the order, “Pick her up!”

Still on his knees, the dark vampire shuffled over and lifted up the dead girl reluctantly. “Now put her in your quarters and wait there, I haven’t finished with you yet.” The Suzerain roughly hauled Angelus to his feet using the belt and forced him toward the door of his suite adding sarcastically, “And leave your *leash* on – I may have need of it later – Your suggestion of some relief might be just the ticket, and I fancy you in a collar *pleasuring me* where you would have had me use your whore.”

All ‘interested parties’ present saw the look of pain and hatred on Angelus face as he turned to carry the obviously unbreathing, lax body through the door to his own suite.

Spike roared as he slammed the door behind the two, “Now where’s my bloody bodyguard!”

Alexander had been waiting behind the door of their suite until he heard the ‘draining scene’, just in case any of the other vampires approached within distance of hearing a heart beat. He had tried to elevate his own to mimic fear by silently doing exercises during the first section of the performance. For her part, Lisbeth had been genuinely fearful that the ruse might not work so smelt 'right'.

As soon as it was time, he raced for the balcony doors. Let himself out silently and sprinted around to the rear entrance to the kitchen, strolling through past various minions with the excuse that he had been told to grab a sandwich, orders of the Suzerain. The rather portly minion, obviously turned for his culinary skills, grumbled regards his own wasted talent but swiftly made a sandwich of smoked salmon, tomato and lettuce. It was the best he could do at short notice. He had learned the hard way from the Suzerain, that Companions were permitted no dairy and only a little fish added to their vegetarian diet, the theory being that dairy had detrimental effects to the human constitution and red meat increased aggression.

To the observers, Alexander was the perfect Companion, instantly responding to his owner’s call, emerging from the kitchen at a sprint, skidding to a halt and visibly swallowing a mouthful of food, quickly hiding the rest behind his back as he took his place behind the Suzerain.

Spike was apparently in no mood for deceptions, growling, “Well eat your bloody meal *fast and on the way*. We have work to do.”

Alexander followed the vampire as he stormed past his ‘guests’ with an agitated, “Well? Show’s bloody well over… Come on, let’s do some work!”

The meeting was unsurprisingly, very quiet, none of those present wanting to aggravate the obviously still fuming Suzerain. Matters were dealt with icy efficiency and the break only long enough for the word to spread as to what had occurred. The Suzerain and his bodyguard adjourning to the balcony apparently so the Suzerain might smoke and calm. The remainder of the meeting concluded uneventfully – though all in the room wondering at the Suzerain’s unpredictability and brutality… and charisma. He was even able to keep his abused Childe loyal!

As the last of the leaders left, Spike snarled at the minions, “You too! Go on … F@#$ off.” then mumbled, deliberately audibly as they left, “Got some family business to sort.” The two traitors grinned at each other as they departed the room. Their own demon masters, not present on the night, would be most pleased to learn of this turn of events.

Spike, followed closely by his Claimed, attended his Childe and Grandchilde.

As they entered the room, Spike knew, Lisbeth had tended to her Sire’s wounds and the two had obviously made passionate love and exchanged blood while the Suzerain had seen to cartel matters.

A sated Angelus rolled from his relaxed spooning of a smiling, sated Lisbeth, to kneel at his Sire’s feet, Lisbeth followed suit and both kissed his feet with genuine gratitude. And Alexander loved his owner all the more as the Master of the line knelt also and pulled the two vampires into a warm hug, kissing first Angelus then Lisbeth on the forehead and offering an open wrist to each all the while whispering, “Well done, so proud of you! Well done!” Then caressing Angelus’ face where he had earlier struck in apparent anger.

He lifted his Childe’s chin. “You OK Childe? Are you still in pain?”

Angelus stared back with nothing but adoration in his chocolate orbs. “No Sire… How could I be? You have given us Lisbeth! Thank you, Sire.”

Spike repeated the act with Lisbeth, who let her own tears of joy fall, “Suzerain!. Oh... thank you Grandsire!”

He cupped her pretty face with his right hand, fixed her with his crystal blue stare and said, “In or out of favour to the outside world, you are now known a Childe of the Aurelian line. There may be a need to play the audience outside, but in private you will always be loved. Never forget that.” He kissed her again, this time soundly on the lips, then took his Childe’s with as much passion.

The two were left on the floor a little overwhelmed as Spike stood and made for the door to the balcony, leading his Companion back to his own private rooms.

If anyone watched the door of the Childe Angelus suite, they would assume the Suzerain was taking his wayward creation in punishment as sounds of coupling and the smell of spending and blood was detectable to those with vampiric senses.

Alexander felt a little jealous. He might be the claimed but the love between Lisbeth and Angelus… and even Angelus and Spike was in stark relief, with how the Suzerain would ever see him… Yet he yearned for such a connection.

That evening Spike spooned his human bed warmer, fed him a few drops of blood, then whispered, “Well done Pet… very well done,” before falling into an exhausted sleep, and Alexander felt wonderful and terrible all rolled into one. He so wanted to be worthy of the Suzerain’s love, but had no idea how to achieve that goal.


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  • Hot Chocolate

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