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New story

Title: Deadwood Dick
Disclaimer: I Own none of these characters and have nothing to sue for
paring: S/X
rating: Adult.
Summary: A saga of the old west
Author: BmblBee
Note: This is my first posted story. Please be kind.
There are two more chapters if anyone wants.(?)

Xander tipped back the brim on his cowboy hat and sat high in the saddle. He had stopped his
horse up on the ridge at the end of town and looked down into the place that would soon be his
new home. Deadwood.
'Sure ain't much' He thought. 'But I reckon it don't gotta be. Just so's I make enough to get my life
back movin' in the right direction' Xander thought back on what that direction had been since he left
Pennsylvania two years ago. Back then carpentry had been his skill and opening his own shop had been
his dream. Coming out west to the gold fields had been the way to fund that dream. Unfortunately, like
everything in Xander's life, nothing had gone as planned. The first summer was lean, but by fall
and winter discomfort had turned to desperation. That's when he discovered his other skill.
He had traveled the circuit of gold camps and found his fortune. Not in the mines, but in the miners.
A surprising number of the gold seekers had a preclusion that Xander himself shared. A preclusion
that he had tried - and often failed - to conceal back home in Philadelphia. At least the uniqueness
of his merchandise offered him the luxury of better accommodations then most of the girls who traveled
the camps with him. That's when he heard about the wealth in the rapidly growing city of Deadwood, S.D.
This would be it, he decided. One last year. Conservative living should bank him his shop. On out
west somewhere maybe. Somewhere - not here.
Xander leaned forward and patted his horse's neck. "Let's go girl. This town is gonna change our lives."

Main street was a mess. Mud and sewage everywhere. Masses of people crowded the streets rushing around
going seemingly nowhere, but they were not his concern so he rode on.
Yelling, shouting, horses, carts. Confusion and congestion. All of it looked like money in the bank. At least 10
saloons on this block alone, but they weren't what he was looking for. Xander continued on till he saw it.
The Guilded Rose. The finest saloon in Deadwood today. Dismounting, he tied his horse to the post and proceded
directly through the doors to the long bar. Inside the huge, open, room were card tables, mirrors, saloon girls he
took to be whores, and more patrons than he could count. 'Yea, this is the place' He thought.
"Howdy, I sure could use a beer and an introduction to the owner of this fine establishment" Xander announced to
the bartender.
"Beer's a nickle and I'm the owner, name's Angel. What the fuck you want?" He answered suspiciously.
"Set up the beer" Xander said, throwing a nickle on the counter."And I'd like to offer you a hell of a business proposition" Xander settled on the stool and started in with his practiced speech.
After a long conversation and two more beers they finally came to an agreement. A one week trial run cause the bar owner
just couldn't imagine any cowboy wanting what Xander was selling. Not when he had lots of pussy doing business right
upstairs. Never one to pass up money though, Xander's offer of half and half sounded to good to turn down. He could use a
room upstairs like the girls and would have final say over which clients got dicked in that room. Angel got half of all money earned. Tips were Xander's. With a big smile on Xander's face he shook the bartenders hand headed upstairs to find
his room Just as he had known it would, word spread quickly and by that evening Xander was the subject of curious stares and conversation. It didn't take long before Angel called him to the side. "See that guy over there?" He motioned with
his bar rag. "The fat one with the fancy suit?" "Yep" Angel chuckled. "That's Mr.Bradley. Vice president of the Fargo
Bank. Says he might be interested, but don't want nobody a knowin'." "Got it" Xander nodded "I'll go on up.
Wait 5 minutes and send him after" Xander turned and started up the stairs, pausing to wink at the flustered banker
as he passed. Exactly 5 minutes later he heard a quiet knock on the door. "Good evening sir" Xander put on his best smile
"Please come in and let's make you comfortable" With that Xander started removing Mr. Bradley's jacket. Encouraged,
the banker anxiously dropped his pants and with them still around his ankles, shuffled toward Xander. 'Oh yea,' Xander thought 'This is gonna be an easy one' "Hold up stud, we need to take care of business before pleasure. That will be $1.00"
$1.00?!" The banker was outraged. "I can get pussy for .25cents." "Sure can" Xander answered slowly unbuttoning his britches. Then making sure his customer got a good look, Xander stroked his thick 8 inches to full hardness.
"Damn boy!" Mr. Bradley licked his lips and dropped the dollar on the dresser. Xander continued undressing then helped
Mr. Bradley do the same. "So what do you want stud?" Xander stroked his hand down Bradley's chest and plump tummy.
Bradley shivered and his cock became painfully hard. "We can do anything you want. You can pop one time for your
dollar." Xander walked around behind him and pressed his hard cock against his customers ass. "I can suck you off
or maybe you want to suck me. Taste my hot come as it fills your mouth. I can bend over for you while you fuck me from behind. Or maybe you want to feel me shove my cock up you and give you a real reaming" Xander reached around and
squeezed Bradley's cock and, as expected, the banker groaned, jerked and came all over Xander's hand.
"Hey! No fair." Bradley complained. Then after thinking about it, smiled and said "Next time.."
"Absolutely, stud. Next time" Xander helped him dress and quickly ushered him out the door. With that business was
off and running. Most days were busy and the money good. Xander's regulars, along with the banker Bradley,
included lawyers, miners, cowboys, and the Methodist preacher. As the days went, things became fairly routine.
But as Xander knows, routine is something you just can't count on.
"Slow night" Buffy, one of the upstairs whores complained. "Sure is" Xander agreed. They had all been sitting
around The Rose waiting for customers. "Wonder why it's so dead tonight." "I heard it's cause there is some new
gunfighter in town so everybody is staying away." Buffy answered, picking her toenails. Before Xander could ask
who, the swinging doors flew open and in walked the most stunning man he had ever seen. Black denims, black
shirt, long black coat and when he removed his hat Xander was mesmerized by the blond curls and clear blue eyes.
Eyes that were now focused in Xander's direction. "Damn" Buffy whined knowing she was not on tonights menu.
"Probably ain't got no money anyhow"
After a few more minutes of flouncing, Buffy got up and left the room. Xander got up also and walked toward
the stranger. He paused, ran his eyes up and down the strangers body slowly, licked his lips, and ask "Want a beer?"
The stranger snorted and started to laugh. "You must be the new boy whore I heard about." "Hey!" Xander answered
indignantly. "I prefer to be called a cow poke" Spike rolled his eyes. "Well maybe I prefer to poke you stead of a cow"
At that they both laughed and the tension was broken.
"I'm Xander" He said with his hand out.
"How do you do Xander. I'm Spike" He answered as he took Xander's hand and caressed it more than shook it.
"Spike? As in William the Bloody? As in the one who shot near on a dozen men down in Abilene?"
Xander stepped back and attempted to remove his hand from Spike's grip. Spike held on
to keep Xander from pulling away. "Now, now pet. Don't want no trouble. Just looking for a little company
for the evening" Xander pulled free and stepped back. All his instincts told him to run, refuse, get away.
"Sure. O.k. I get a dollar a pop. You got that much?' Xander answered trying to regain his composure..
Spike laughed and tossed a silver dollar onto the bar. After pocketing it Xander grabbed his hand
and headed for the stairs. As soon as Xander let him in the room Spike pressed him back against the door
and leaned in for a kiss. "I don't kiss" Xander said turning his head. Reaching into his pocket Spike pulled out
two more silver dollars. "You do now" Before he could refuse Spike slammed his lips against Xander's. The
feeling was electric. The shock of it traveled straight to his cock and Xander groaned. Taking advantage of it
Spike thrust his tongue into the heat of Xander's mouth and tasted every inch of it. Finally Spike pulled back then
leaned in and whispered in Xander's ear. "Now, Love let's see what I can get for my money" As they both undressed
and headed for the bed Xander just knew he was in over his head. "Your money, Spike. What do you want for it?"
Xander asked as he laid down on the worn quilt on his bed, legs spread watching as Spike approached.
"I want it all Xander" He said as he crawled up the bed and pressed himself flat on Xander's body. Both cocks were
hard and dripping, crushed between their sweating bodies. Slowly Spike began grinding himself against Xander.
Because he was used to only going through the mechanics of a fuck, Xander forgot how good it could feel to
be with someone he wanted. Suddenly he grabbed Spike's hips stilling him. "Don't pop yet" He moaned.
"Oh, don't worry love. I plan to get all my money's worth." Spike leaned down and kissed him again.
This time softer, less desperate.
Forgetting who was supposed to be doing the work, Xander threw his head back and sucked in a sharp breath
as Spike bit down on first one nipple then the other. "Jesus Fuck Spike. You could make a fortune in this business"
Pausing his tongue in it's southward path Spike responded "Don't think so love. More of a pitcher than catcher."
And with that he swallowed Xander's cock to the root. Before he had a chance to be embarrassed Xander
screamed and fooded Spike's mouth and throat with come.. "What a lovely start . However, I paid for my pop not yours"
With that Spike flipped him over onto his stomach. Still limp from his orgasm, Xander flopped over
like a fish. "O.K." he answered with a silly grin. Spike, with a grin of his own began kissing down Xanders back
till he reached the crack of his ass. Pulling him up to his knees he spred Xander's cheeks apart and swiped his tongue
up over the pucker hole. Leaning forward he then sucked on first one ball then the other. Licking and sucking
back and forth between sack and hole. "Ah, not complaining but shouldn't I be doing this for you?" Xander asked
peeking around over his shoulder. "My dollar. My choice" Spike said only pausing temporarily before returning
to his task. Xander sighed. More than happy with Spike's choice. Rocking back onto his heels Spike smacked
Xander's ass and asked "where do you keep the ointment, love?" Xander reached the bedside table and found the small
bottle. He passed it back and braced himself for the pain . What he felt instead were Spike's fingers first one
then two carefully slidding in and out of his ass. By the time he felt three fingers his own cock was again hard and
ready. Finally on the last thrust Spike struck his fingers hard against Xander's prostrate. "Christ Spike! Now, please"
"Thought you'd never ask" Spike chuckled, lined his cock head up to Xander's hole and thrust in with one push.
Groaning, Xander pumped back on Spike's cock while he jacked himself off. Hitting Xander's prostrate on every other
hard thrust, Xander could feel the tingle start in his balls. Less than a minute later he was screaming his release and
clamping his ass tight around Spike's cock. Two more thrusts and Spike froze, pumping come up Xander's ass.
Limp, they both fell over and lay curled up in Xander's bed. "How much would it cost me to stay the night?" Spike whispered.
"Forget it, Spike. This one's on me" With that they fell asleep, both feeling less alone than they had in a long time.
After that life progressed pretty much they same. Spike spent his days playing poker in the Guilded Rose while
Xander took care of his customers. A situation Spike hated, but he knew if Xander was ever to afford his own
shop he needed to raise enough money. Money he would not accept from Spike. Something silly about ill gotten
gaines. Finally when the bar closed down in the morning hours Spike would go upstairs and he and Xander
would make love and sleep the day away together. Seemed like love and luck had finally smiled on Xander.
He should have known better. He should have known that's when things would change.
September 26, 1879. It was still early and Xander, unsure what had woken him, reached for Spike, only to find
already up and gone. Xander dressed and quickly ran downstairs. He could feel in his heart that somehing was wrong.
Rushing outside ,he was stunned to see the city in chaos. People running. Women and children screaming and crying.
The air was dark with smoke and breathing was becoming difficult. FIRE! In a city built almost entirely of
wood it was their worst nightmare. 'Spike!' Xander thought. 'I've got to find Spike" Pushing against a flood
of people and choking on ash and air, Xander searched frantically. Finally realizing Spike may be back at
the saloon looking for him, Xander struggled to return. "Xander!" He felt two strong arms pull him back before
he reached the swinging doors. That's when he felt the heat. The Guilded Rose was also burning. "The whole
town's burning love. We've got to get out. Hurry, I've got the horses tied at the post." "Spike? Oh God Spike
I thought I lost you" Xander sobbed with relief. Still fighting to breath, Spike helped Xander on his horse and they
rode for the trail out of town. After about 30 when they felt they were clear they stopped on the ridge above the town.
It was the same ridge Xander had been on all those months ago. Looking down they watched with horror as the town fell. They knew by night fall nothing would be left ."Where were you this morning Spike? When I woke you were gone"
"Saw the fire start in the bakery and knew it was gonna get bad. You know the bakery? The one next door
to the bank? Well I figured if it was all gonna burn anyway might just as well liberate a little of that bank money"
He reached around and patted the bulging saddle bags that Xander was just now noticing. "Ought to be enough
to start us up a whole new life. San Francisco maybe." "Would you give up being a gun fighter for a life with me?"
Xander ask quietly. "Tell you what love, you don't share your cock with anyone but me and I promise not to
shoot anywhere other than down your throat or up your ass."
Xander threw back his head and laughed "Deal!" He said, and they both turned their horses away from the past
and headed off to a future together.

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