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Deadwood Dick 2 pt.1

Title:Deadwood Dick 2 : The saga continues (Part 1)
Author: BmblBee
Paring" s/x
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters I just take them out for a ride
now and then.
Summary: This is a continuation of the Deadwood Dick series Spike is a gunfighter.
Xander is an ex-working boy.

It had been almost two weeks since the fire that had devastated
Deadwood. Spike and Xander were still headed west. On to a
new life together. The had decided early on to take the
southern most route as it was already Sept. and they didn't fancy
a repeat of the Donner episode. Although the idea of eating Xander
was not something Spike was totally adverse to. While passing
through some of the smaller towns along the way they had gotten
word that most of the whores from the Guilded Rose had made
it out and were working in a saloon down in Yankton. A situation
that always got a snicker out of Spike whenever he spoke about it.
Generally, however, due to the large amount of money they were
carrying, they stayed to themselves and were content to sleep
under the stars. September had now turned to October and the
nights were getting colder. Autumn rains were coming almost
daily and Xander was getting tired of being wet and cold. He
was also getting grumpy which meant Spike was getting fewer
cock stops as he so eloquently called them."I've had it for
a while, Spike" Xander whined. "Next town we come to
I want to stop and take a bath. I also want a hot meal
and a soft mattress." "Don't know if that is such a good
idea, Xan. We're carrying a lot of money and there are
a more than a few fuckin' thieves out there."
Xander knew Spike was right, but damn it this was one
argument he wanted to win.Pulling his horse up by the reigns,
Xander stopped and swung himself down to the ground.
"Nope, I'm sticking to my guns this time Mr. Bloody. Besides,
I'm tired of having a rock in my back while I have a dick in my ass.
It somehow takes the edge off my concentration."
With an almost convincible look of hurt Spike also hopped down
and swaggered over to where Xander stood. "You saying you tired
of my dick in your arse?"
Don't look into the eyes, don't look into the eyes, don't look into the eyes.
Xander looked up into Spike's ice blue eyes and melted. "Fuck no, Baby"
He answered. Spike smirked and pressed himself flat against Xander
who found himself sandwiched between a tree and an amorous ex-gunfighter
who was more than ready to draw his weapon. As expected it didn't take
Xander long to realize that Spike's weapon was cocked and aimed in his
direction. Luckily Xander's own 8 inches was primed and could shoot with very
little encouragement. Spike reached down and slowly unbuttoned Xander britches,
all the time kissing his neck and nipping at his earlobe."We're kind of out in the
open, Spike this might not be a good.... Oh yea. Right there"
Spike continued to lick a slow line from shoulder to neck to ear. The whole time
lowering Xanders pants away from the prize Spike was seeking. Becoming weak
kneed, Xander slid down the tree and melted into a puddle of goo on the ground.
Quickly stripping himself, Spike pounced. Lifting Xander's legs high in the air and
kneeling between them, Spike began kissing the inside of first his right thigh then left.
Lowering himself he then sucked and licked at the soft fuzzy balls, all the time
careful to not touch the hard swollen erection that was bouncing in front of his face.
"Come on Spike," Xander whined "Please don't tease."
"What do you want, Xander?" Spike purred.
Trying to keep his brain cells functioning Xander answered "I want you to suck it."
"Suck what Xan,?" He asked innocently.
"MY COCK, you evil bastard you!"
"Like this?" Spike answered before swallowing him to the root.
"FUCK!! Oh yea, that's it." Xander knew he wouldn't last long, and considering he was supposed
to be the expert, he knew he couldn't hold a candle to Spike when it came to the fine art of
cock sucking. Glancing down at the frantic movement of Spike's arm he also knew Spike wouldn't
be far behind. One more hard suck followed by a little nip at the foreskin and Xander was
screaming his release down Spike's throat. As always the sound of his boy and the smell of his
sex and Spike was not far behind, spilling onto the cold ground.
"Jesus, Spike, that was fantastic, but you know what would have made it better?"
"What?" Spike answered somewhat offended that anything he did sexually could be improved upon.
"It might have been better if I didn't HAVE A PINE CONE STUCK IN THE CRACK OF MY ASS!"
Xander rolled over and spread his cheeks to display the evidence.
Spike fell back, clutching his sides with laughter. "O.k. Xan. Next town we stop."
"Thanks. Love you Spike"
"Yea. Love you to, you git."
As it happened, that town came sooner than either of them would have thought. It was only
two more days down the road when they chanced upon a small farming community. Sign at
the end of town read "Heaven's Gate" A general store, a bank, a sheriff's office, one
saloon/hotel, and five different churches. Spike didn't think this would bode well for a
couple of frisky road weary travelers such as themselves.
"Come on, Spike, you promised" Xander stood with his hands on his hips. He was not budging.
"Fine" Spike sighed. Damn, the things he did to keep his boy happy. Riding up to the saloon
they paused before sliding out of the saddle and tying the horses to the hitching post.
"The Tipsey Turtle". The sign even had the nerve to be adorned with a poorly drawn, aparently
drunk tortis on the front.
"What the hell? I'ts a bloody turtle, Xan"

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