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Title: Deadwood Dick 2 The saga continues Part 2
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters and have nothing to sue for
Summary: A continuation of the Deadwood Dick series
Spike is a gunfighter. Xander is an ex-saloon boy.
Comedy - western.
Will post the last part of this chapter tomorrow.
Will post the next story only if there is interest.
Any feedback is appreciated.

Previously - "What the hell, Xan. It's a turtle.

"Stop being so judgmental, Spike. It's a bar. It has beer. It has beds. I'm in".
With that Xander pushed through the swinging doors and headed for the bar. Admittedly
it was the first bar Xander had been in with frilly curtains and gingham table covers but
what the hell. Spike followed aprehensively. "Set 'em up barkeep". Xander slapped
his hand down on the wooden bar and smiled at the small weasley looking man behind the counter.
A man, that if he thought about it, looked amazingly like a turtle himself. Xander wondered
briefly if he was the tipsey one the bar was named after.
"Whiskey" Spike ordered.
"We don't got no whiskey. We got beer, tea, and coffee." Mr. Weasley turtle answered, wiping the
counter where Xander had smacked down his dusty hands.
Spike was nearly speechless.
"What the fuck? Isn't this a saloon?" O.k., not entireless speechless.
"Whiskey is the devil's brew" Turtle responded, never looking up from his task.
"Beer's good. Beer's fine. Isn't beer fine, Spike" Xan hastened to try to calm his lover.
He knew Spike had promised to hang up his guns, but old habits die hard.
"Yea, sure, whatever. Oh by the way we're gonna need a hot bath and a room for the night."
"You got money?" Mr. Turtle eyed them suspiciously.
Xander snickered. "Oh I think we can afford that, don't you Spike?" Spike winked.
"Yea, but just so's it not to much maybe we better share "
Thinking he had been right about these two being to poor to afford two rooms,
the barkeep just nodded. "Gonna have to wait while's my sister gets things ready" He said.
Several beers and a few hours later both Xander and Spike were feeling themselves
warm and relaxed. All the tension of the long road melted away.
"You the gentlemen what wanted the bath?" They looked up past the bar to see
a short matronly woman holding a stack of towels.
"Yea, Ducks, that's us." Spike handed her a couple coins in exchange for two
towels and she led the way upstairs. After they had left the bar, a shadowy figure
got up from his seat at a table in the corner. Unnoticed by both Spike and Xander,
he had watched the two all evening. He approached the bar and dropped onto the
stool Xander had just vacated.
"You know who that is don't you?" He asked the bartender.
"You're the sheriff around here Riley. You tell me." Though he never stopped
wiping the glasses, Turtle was finally showing some interest.
"That's Spike. William the Bloody. Gunfighter out of Abilene. Killed a bunch of men down
there then dissappeared. Turned up next in Deadwood. Everybody thought he died in the big fire.."
"So what's he doing down here. And who is that with him?" Turtle asked, twitching.
"Don't know, do I? But I sure bet there is some kind of bounty on his head, and that's
money I aim to collect."
"How you gonna do it? You got a plan?" Turtle's heartbeat kicked up a notch or two.
This is the biggest thing to happen around here since Marcus Stemple ran off and
joined that traveling medicine show.
"Yea, I gotta plan" The sheriff drawled. "Here's what wer'e gonna do......."

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