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|| Bloodclaim ||
You know they're doin' it
Deadwood Dick 2 part 3 
4th-Oct-2006 10:22 pm
Title: Deadwood Dick 2 part 3
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this stories
and I have nothing to sue for.
Summary: Continuation of the Deadwood Dick series.
Spike is a gun fighter. Xander is an
ex saloon boy. Together they are traveling west.

Note: This story is my first attempt at posting. I am really grateful
for all the helpful suggestions. As a result my chapters will be shorter, more reader friendly. Thanks again.

Previously ("Yea, I gotta plan" The sheriff drawled. "Here's what wer'e
gonna do....."

Stopping at the far end of the hall the matron pointed to a door.
"That there is yall's room.The bath is here across the hall."
Spike and Xander stuck their heads in the room and were pleased
to see that though small the bathroom was comfortably warm.
The fireplace in the far wall was already set with a blazing flame.
Two plain wooden chairs sat inside the door, and an oversized brass tub completed the picture.
"Soap at the side. Water's hot. Just filled the tub myself.
You want anything else you call me. Name's Hazel."
Spike gave her another coin and a warm smile.
"Thanks Mum. Think we have everything we need"
Once the door was closed it was a race to see who
could get naked first.
Being more practiced from his past employment,Xander won
easily and groaned as he lowered himself into the heaven that
was the bath.
Moments later Spike was sliding in and settling between Xander's legs.
Sighing, he leaned back to rest against Xander's chest.
Xander picked up the soap and reached around to wash Spike's body.
Slowly his slick and slippery hands mapped out his lover from
head to toe. Arms, chest, stomach, legs.
Washing and rinsing as he went.
By now Spike was feeling like a limp noodle with one big (9 inch) exception.
Spike's cock who was very pleased
with all the attention, stood up to beg for more.
"Xaaaan" Spike breathed.
"Yes, Spike?" Xander chuckled.
"How about a little help here?"
"I think I could give you a hand or two."
Spike smiled and wiggled back into the matching erection that
was pressed into his back.
Xander worked up a thick soapy lather and reached
down with both hands.
The right hand pumped Spike's cock while the left one rolled his balls.
Xander always was an ambidextrous bastard.
Spike spread his legs further to give Xander better access.
The right hand squeezed harder and pumped faster
while the left slid down to caress the soft skin
between the sac and the asshole.
The whole time Xanders hips were grinding his dick
into the valley between Spike's ass cheeks.
Spike stiffened.
He clutched Xander's hands with his own and
rode out the flood of release.
Just feeling his lovers body react was all it took to send
Xander over the edge with him. Both men were now exhausted,
sleepy and sitting in a tub of their own seed.
"Come on Xander. Let's rinse off and go to bed."
Spike stood up and reached for the extra bucket
of water next to the tub. Dumping it over them
he pulled Xander to his feet, smacked his ass,
and handed him a towel. Hand in hand they darted
across the hall to their room.

"How long you gonna wait, Sheriff?"
The longer Turtle waited the more anxious he was becoming.
Calmly, sheriff Riley Flinn took a drink of his beer
and set the glass back down on the bar.
"Way I see it we give them time to finish their bath and nod off.
Gonna be a whole lot easier if we bust in while they are asleep."
"Yea, sure." Turtle said, wiping his sweaty hands on his bar apron.
"What about the other one? What are we gonna do about him?"
"Kill him." Riley said calmly, spinning the revolver of
his gun to make sure it was fully loaded.
"Don't mind shooting Spike either but I don't want him dead.
More money in a live outlaw than a cold one." Riley took another
swallow and continued to wait.
5th-Oct-2006 03:24 am (UTC)
Well if Riley waits long enough drinking away, he could make quite a racket going into the room!

Nice bath scene!
5th-Oct-2006 09:35 am (UTC)
Can just never be sure with Riley. Yea, a hot bath is always relaxing. Thanks for sticking with me.
5th-Oct-2006 12:51 pm (UTC)
I really hate Riley please don't let them get hurt too bad. I loved part two sorry I didn't send FB for that one but here it is. More soon please!!! I just love the way you write. Sooo Glad I found you. You will always have a fan in me!!
5th-Oct-2006 01:16 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much. Hope you are happy with Riley's
final decisions. Last part of this story tomorrow.
Story 3 next week.
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