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Suzerain's Companion # 8

Title: Suzerain’s Companion (working title)
Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
Archived at:
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: Post WWIII and 250+ years on from the Black Thorn. Highly refined, purpose bred ‘Companion’ Alexander is ‘liberated’ by feral humans, consequently rescued by the Suzerain Spike’s forces, the head of which decides to ingratiate himself by presenting his Sire with a boy reminiscent of one of the former Scoobies.
Spoilers: Canon is AU - very post S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.


Alexander was sedated and fed electrolytes and vitamins spiked with a decent dose the Suzerain’s blood via a drip for the next ten days.

His situation was precarious for the first five, an erratic heartbeat and apparently frightening delusions causing the Suzerain to hover around their sleeping quarters whenever he had a spare moment.

The doctor continued to encourage physical contact and Spike did as instructed, petting, massaging, stroking and hugging the stricken human at every opportunity.

On day six there was a small breakthrough of sorts. The doctor had recommended contact with other Companions particularly family. Spike put Angelus on the task, and his Childe did the most logical thing – he tracked down the establishment where Alexander had been bred.

Two days later a very nervous Natte stepped into the Suzerain’s compound with three humans on leash, Samuel (Alexander’s dear cousin), Alexander’s heavily pregnant sister Sara, and another pretty brunette woman called Penny who had been chosen to bear Alexander’s children in his latter days at Natte’s.

They were directed to the day room where Alexander was resting on a futon that obviously doubled as a couch at other times judging by the twenty or so large cushions making a colourful ‘headboard’.

Spike stood at the door watching the interaction hopefully. The Mistress was present should anything go astray, but he relaxed a little as he observed the breeder Natte approach and reach out to his former possession, brushing a lock of hair away with sad affection.

The Mistress nodded to the Suzerain as he departed. She had been named as Honoured Mistress of the Aurelian Household in front of a full meeting of cartel leaders a day earlier and was still reeling from the experience. She was quite stunned by the level of support from the vast majority of those present. They knew her to be extraordinarily capable and had even trained many cartel leaders and their firsts during the annual four day conference. It was a very popular move and shifted her standing to the equivalent of cartel leader, affording her the right to attend the meetings of combined cartels should she so desire. But today she was charged with safeguarding the Suzerain’s claimed, an honour of a different kind.

Sara gasped and was unsuccessful in preventing a tear from falling as she approached her dear brother on his sick bed, Samuel too felt highly moved by the sight of the thin and drawn figure of his cousin - though as much in the knowledge that he had not fought against Alexander’s abduction… and that had led to this! After Natte had informed him that the Suzerain was his cousin’s new owner, he had tried to convince himself that Alexander would be happy having gone to a place of privilege, but could hardly begin to imagine the neglect, or illness or cruelty that had led to his handsome cousin’s current state.

Alexander roused a little and Natte led the three humans closer so they could interact.

Indeed after an initial gentle touch, Alexander was treated to all three humans being allowed onto the bed with him, caressing and petting him, their warm forms and familiar smells so right.

Alexander seemed to have little control over his emotions of late and simply began to cry quietly. Samuel and Sara hugged and waited, and waited and hugged. Their brother seemed in decline, no one had told them the reason, so gentle touch was really all they could do.

Alexander had given in to the idea that he would die, but then had woken feeling his Claimer, but … so tired, so very tired… and then black… and then the Mistress… and black… and Lisbeth… then black… and the doctor… and then the Suzerain again… then black… and then… *Samuel* and his darling sister… but he still couldn’t seem to form words, so he just held on and cried.

That night he was only semiconscious as he fed on the Suzerain’s blood direct from the vein. Sadly Spike’s relieved expression and loving caress was missed as the boy passed out during the act.

By the ninth day, Alexander was responding to the treatment but still felt somehow lost and … hopeless. His health had improved, but he had not been allowed to return to his bodyguard duties, removing the one meaningful role he had performed for the Suzerain. Though he was still being fed the Suzerain’s blood and had received more attention in the previous week than he had in the two months prior, he was still sure it was just a matter of time before the Suzerain moved to dispose of him. His designated position as bodyguard apparently terminated and he surmised it was not long before the Suzerain would request a new bed warmer.

The attending physician noted the continuing depression and advised that the Suzerain increase his level of direct physical contact if at all possible, and to have Natte bring any or all of Sara, Samuel and Penny for a visit at least once a week to provide familial reassurance.

Sara was the more frequent visitor. Pregnant with only her second child, at twenty she was a picture of health. Bearing children suited her, as it had her mother, and as Alexander well knew, the expert handlers and facilities at Natte’s estate gave Sara’s offspring a wonderful start to life.

On the second visit he stroked her belly and looked up at her amazed when the tiny life inside moved at his touch. She grinned and did as always… chatted to him as though nothing had changed in the last year and a bit.

“It’s a boy. Natte only breeds boys at the moment. He’ll do girls in a year or two he said, mainly so he has a new set of breeders… I’m looking forward to that… I’d really like a little girl, especially as she’ll definitely stay on the estate... I just hope this little love,” she rubbed her bump lovingly, “is as pretty as your first two were, we must ask the Suzerain if they might visit – you would be so proud – they are just a *delight*, so sweet and well behaved. Oooooooh! And you know that Penny is now carrying your third?! It was confirmed two days ago. Oh Alex… She is *so* happy and wanted to come today, but the Master insists she is to rest in these early days!”

Despite his hazy perception, Alexander roused, “What?! But… How?”

“Oh come on Alexander, don’t be such a dullard! The last collection before you were stolen! And it’s called freezing the catch!! Come on, don’t be so silly… It’s Penny! She’s *gorgeous*, don’t you think? And with the genetics of both of you … Master Natte is so amazing at keeping the lines true... You know I’ll *always* have Dante for boys, though I’m not sure who Master Natte favours if it’s to be girls… probably that sweetie Carl from Master JonJon’s. We’ve already been introduced once, just to see if our natures matched.”… Sara chatted on and Xander smiled but drifted a little.

He had never felt particularly like he had fathered anyone as it was all done through artificial insemination after the genetic integrity was checked and the DNA analysed for possible problems. Of any ten eggs collected, usually only five were viable and even then only one or two fertilized products approved and actually implanted. Some breeders used surrogates for Companions but purists like Natte would not hear of it and preferred his breeding females mothers to know the father of their children – though only contact of a casual nature was allowed - no intercourse permitted. In some cases the breeding pair was a *particularly* good match and became quite attached, and some kind breeders did believe in recreational coupling.

Of late technology had allowed breeding pairs to enjoy each other with no risk of random impregnation process as it was now possible to procure a purpose fitted ‘collection shunt’ that simply redirected the ejaculate. The male and female both happily sated and the added bonus of seed collection via ‘natural stimulation’. There was a growing movement recommending the practice as it seemed the females benefited from achieving climax also.

Sara admitted with a grin, that she and her favourite, Carl had been allowed to engage on several occasions as his shunt had been fitted some six months previous.

As Master Natte came to collect Alexander’s pretty sister, he was speaking to the Suzerain enthusiastically of the practice and Samuel’s recent surgery to insert the shunt, suggesting that perhaps Alexander might find improved spirits if allowed to engage freely with a partner. He emphasized the need for the Companions to have touch and a feeling of belonging; to be praised and adored; to be valued and cared for… to be loved.

Spike barely held back a growl. He knew his dear Companion was orientated a different way, regardless of having children from collected seed – but there was no way *the Suzerain’s Chosen* was being ‘shunted’! Nor would he lie with others for that matter!!! And to be lectured to by a mere breeder… the only thing that stopped him from snapping the demon’s neck was that it was almost word for word regards the Mistress’s ever more frequent lectures, and she was in the room looking pointedly at him!

After dismissing the Master Natte, and inviting the ‘family visit’ the following week for his still waning Companion, he sat back and looked hard at the boy.

He had filled out a little. The Mistress had reported that he was now able to work out three or four times a week on a light program, and she had him back to form work with his fighting arts. But something was still very wrong.

The following week the arrival of two enthusiastic, two year old brunette boys along with Penny (who’s ‘bump’ was definitely showing) was a source of great delight especially as Penny was now entering her second trimester with her new one. She would deliver by caesarean as was usual with the Companions. Feeders were allowed to deliver naturally – their relative value and sheer numbers making any attrition rate acceptable – though more careful breeders generally brought them in for the event and had a physician present for large group deliveries.

Spike watched as Alexander pushed up from the bed as the door opened to the woman who had apparently already carried two of his children and would produce a third in spring, but with whom he had never technically coupled. Their friendly attitude toward each other was obvious from the first visit.

Alexander stood to greet her, she was positively glowing with her pregnancy and smiled. *Their* little boys (Alexander would remind himself later) scrambling onto his bed and proceeded to delight in trying to make a sort of igloo out of the cushions.

Like all Natte’s female breeders Penny was barefoot, dressed in a comfortable, loose fitting white silk dress, fashioned in the style preferred in ancient Greece. Long tresses of slightly curly brunette hair were held back in a simple clasp and dark brown eyes framed by long lashes, mirrored his own features. He saw why Natte chose her to breed from. Alexander grinned at the two boys before pulling the lovely Penny into a spur of the moment hug then felt compelled to work on pure instinct.

Penny had been starved of touch other than family and pressed her body harder into his as he let his head fall on her shoulder and hands wander. His left found her right breast and he caressed the enlarged nipple through the soft material, while his right slid under the folds and down to her sex, full and sensitive thanks to pregnancy. He then gently stimulated her to a much longed for climax. He felt her slightly stretched stomach muscles tighten impossibly as she achieved orgasm, and stayed for long enough to register the feather light flutters of her inner walls mirrored by what he imagined might be a few tiny moves from the small person inside.

Alexander withdrew his fingers and held the mother of his children in an affectionate hug. She relaxed into his embrace for a moment before whispering, “You really didn’t have to… I know you are not a lover of women. But thank you… you do know I am always so honoured that I was chosen to carry your boys, and now… you gift me with this when I am… so….” She looked down at her distended belly and swollen breasts and sighed.

“When you are so beautiful, and deserve a breeding partner who needs a shunt! You mean?”

They both grinned for a moment before Penny took Alexander’s face in her hands and pushed her hard belly into his taut torso. She kissed him lovingly on the forehead then replied, “No, I want no other partner. I will never be your satisfaction, as I *know* that lies with the Suzerain, but I will be the mother to only your children, all going well, and I thank you for that.”

Spike had watched the entire proceedings, concerned that his Companion seemed happier with this female than he had seemed for weeks. But then noticed, strangely relieved, that Alexander had not been particularly aroused nor found his own climax in the act.

The Mistress sidled up behind the Suzerain and whispered at a level only a vampire could hope to hear, “His problems would be solved if only you would take him, Suzerain.”

Spike fell into gameface and growled low, “I cannot afford to become attached.”

The Mistress moved behind him and whispered in the other ear, “Too late! It is all that ails him Suzerain… Your blood is not all he craves. Look! The dear love, he brings another pleasure that he himself is deprived of. You *must* do this! And cartels be damned! Let them come through me!”

Spike turned enough to see the diminutive Mistress Janet arms folded across an ample breast and fit figure spelling a readiness for a very dangerous fight should anyone challenge. She was magnificent. In that moment, he realized just what a gift he had been given when her Sire passed her to him, and was pleased he had afforded her the place of Honoured Mistress.

He acquiesced. “You are right Mistress.”

Spike removed himself and allowed Alexander to play with the boys for a little as Sara relaxed. They were led out of the room by handlers an hour later with promises that there would be another visit in a week.

The Suzerain entered the day room as the others left, saying nothing he tugged the now reclining Alexander to his feet and wordlessly led him to the Master bedroom where proceedings began with a compliant Companion being pushed onto his back and kissed passionately, the Suzerain covering his form and sliding a hand between them to indicate his intent.

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