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Fic Search

I have a large favor to ask all of you here.

Okay, I was looking for one fic, and now I've remember pieces of different stories and I can't remember which is which. So if you any of you recognize any of the pieces let me know!

Edit: The following is amejisuto's Cat Magic.

1) Spike's chip is deactivated by swiping his head under a scanner in a department store; or with a cash register deactivation thing (helpful description there).

Edit: The following is Shadow's Twilight Time, Chapter 16.

2) Xander uses a magnet from his construction job to deactivate the chip, right before they head to LA to visit Angel, I don't remember why. Xander makes Spike take all of his clothes and everything off, then has Spike close his eyes and keep them closed. Spike thinks it's some kink Xander wants to try out.

Edit: The following are all Firehorse's My Scoprion

3) Some demon uses a magnet from a car wrecking place junk yard to deactivate the chip, and the battery/transmitter/something behind Spike's shoulder blade (or somewhere in his back).

4) Xander goes to visit Spike in his crypt. He's brought fast food (Chinese I believe) and he has a duffle bag he's left outside the door. He knocks and Spike thinks something along the lines of Xander being the only one courteous enough to do so, because they have to invite Spike in, Spike should have to invite them in.

5) Xander is working as a janitor at a University and a student studying in one of the classrooms always asks if he can explain things to Xander as a study method. He's studying some science to do with electronics, I think. Eventually Xander starts asking questions, and comes up with a way to deactivate Spike's chip.

6) Spike tells Xander he always wanted a hurst hearse, so Xander has one custom made to Spike's specifications without Spike knowing.

I think 2/3, 4, 5, and 6 are the same fic, but I'm not sure. I also think one of these was by amejisuto, or I found it off her livejournal.

Thank you so very much in advance!

(I'll edit in the answers when I have them. These searches always help me find new fics.)

Edit: Thank you to all those who helped!
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