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Title : Deadwood Dick #2 -Final part
Author : BmblBee
Pairing : S/X
Rating : adult
Disclaimer : I do not own any of the characters.
I have nothing worth suing for.

Summary : Spike and Xander are heading out west together.
Spike is a gunfighter. Xander is an ex-saloon boy.
These stories are their adventures together.

Previously: "More money in a live outlaw than a cold one."
Riley took another swallow and continued to wait.

Spike and Xander crawled under the heavy woolen quilt and
wrapped their bodies around each other. Despite the hard
riding they had done the days before, Xander found he just
couldn't sleep. His mind kept spinning with all the changes that
had happened in his life. Coming out west, the whoring, meeting Spike,
the fire, and the bank robbery, which he was surprisingly o.k. with.
"What's up love, I can feel your brain bubbling from here?'
"Just thinking Spike. Funny how outta every bad seems something
good comes. Meeting you for instance."
"Yea" Spike smiled. "That was a stroke of luck."
"More than luck Spike. Had to be fate." Xander answered thoughtfully.
"Well as long as we are both up - so to speak.." Spike rolled over
on top of Xander and started kissing him slowly and deeply, their
tongues fighting for dominance. Xander arched up as
Spike began rocking against him and grinding their wet cocks together.
"Wanna play cowboy?" Spike whispered in Xander's ear.
Then sitting up, knees on each side of Xander's hips,
Spike reached onto the side table and grabbed the jar
of ointment that had become their constant companion.
Scooping some on to his fingers,Xanders breath hitched as
he watched Spike reach around to prepare himself.
When he was able to insert three fingers Spike rubbed the rest of
the slick on Xanders waiting dick. With Xanders hands on his hips
guiding him, Spike lifted himself up, lined Xander's cockhead up
to his hole, and slowly lowered himself down.
He paused for a moment while the thick head popped through
the tight ring of muscle.
"Holy Fuck Spike. You feel so good." Xander loved the feel of sinking
into his lover's heat.
With one last push Spike was sitting flat assed. Cheeks flush against Xander's balls. After giving himself a minute to adjust he began riding. Angling himself to cause Xander's cock to rub against his prostrate
on every stroke
"Yea. Yea. Yea." It was all the words his brain could string together.
Xander's head was thrown back as he drowned in the pleasure/pain of
the tight squeeze of Spike's ass on his swollen cock.

Meanwhile, the sheriff decided he had waited long enough.
Slamming his empty glass down on the bar, he belched and announced
"Let's go."
The barkeep grabbed his gun, scrambled from behind the counter,
and rushed to catch up to him.
Sheriff Flinn and Turtle quickly reached the top of the stairs and
peered down the hallway, guns drawn.
They paused.
Just at that moment the matron stepped out of one of the rooms
and jumped at the sight of them.
"Shhh" Riley whispered. "You got a key to that room?" He waved his
gun in the direction of the end of the hall.
Silent with fear, she nodded vigorously.
Down the hall the three of them crept.
The matron was first, arm full of towels. Riley next, crouching,
gun close to his body.
Turtle was in the rear, nervous as a cat and shaking with fear.
His gun was waving around wildly aimed at nothing and everything.

Panting in tandem, Spike and Xander rode towards completion.
They were silent except for the occasional moan or grunt.
Stopping at the door the three listened. Nothing could be heard.
Guns ready, Flinn nodded at the matron to unlatch the door.
Matron slid the key into the lock.
Xander slid his cock into Spike's body.
As soon as he heard the tumblers of the lock click,
Flinn kicked open the door.
In the split second that followed several things happened at once.
Seeing the scene in front of them the matron screamed, threw her
towels in the air and fell to the floor in a dead faint.
Never losing intimate contact with Xander, Spike dropped his upper
body flat against Xander's chest and grabbed his gun from
the bed table. In a flash he straightened back up, swung his
head and arm around and pointed his gun at the intruders.
Shocked at what they were seeing Turtle and sheriff Flinn
were frozen on the spot, guns pointed at Spike's head.
Time stopped.
Nothing moved.
Then as if to break the spell, Xander clutched Spike around
the waist, thrust up sharply, and cried out
"Fuck, Spike! I'm Coming!" The force and feel of the hot liquid
caught him so off guard Spike's face turned to look into Xander's,
his gun hand dropped back to his side as he moaned, tipped forward,
and grabbed his cock just as it twitched and splattered onto
Xander's chest and face.
Stunned at the erotic sight in front of them, both men to also
drop their arms to their sides.
Finally able to speak, the first words out of Turtles mouth were


Whirling around to face Riley, Turtle asked "Damn sheriff.
What do you plan on doing now?"
Calmly the sheriff turned to the barkeep and replied
"Something I should have done a long time ago."
With that he grabbed Turtle by the shirt front, pulled him in close,and kissed him within an inch of his life.

"Hell of a night wasn't it Spike?" Xander asked while tightening the
saddle strap on his horse.
"Yea, it was a strange one" Spike answered trying to suppress
yet another yawn.
"What's the matter? Didn't you sleep well?"
"You kidding?' Spike answered as he swung his leg up over the
horse and settled into the seat.
"Sounded like two blokes in the room next to us and damn if
they weren't going at it all hot and heavy like."
Xander just shrugged and with the reigns turned his horse toward
the trail.
They still had a long road ahead of them, and they needed to keep
moving. He wasn't sure where they would end up, but he knew
with Spike by his side they could face anything.


This is the end of story 2. Stay tuned for the adventures
of Deadwood Dick to continue in story 3 - "Down The Wrong Road"


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