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Suzerain's Companion # 9

Title: Suzerain’s Companion (working title)
Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
Archived at:
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: Post WWIII and 250+ years on from the Black Thorn. Highly refined, purpose bred ‘Companion’ Alexander is ‘liberated’ by feral humans, consequently rescued by the Suzerain Spike’s forces, the head of which decides to ingratiate himself by presenting his Sire with a boy reminiscent of one of the former Scoobies.
Spoilers: Canon is AU - very post S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.

Part 9

Alexander was bewildered by the actions of his owner and all but melted into the kiss, hoping it, and the gentle touches, would continue. But his Claimer lifted off and the gentle strokes changed to a vigorous tug on Alexander’s already half interested manhood. The moves were hard and fast, drawing him stiffness and a fang filled mouth kissing him aggressively.

Without notice, he was flipped onto his front, the strong hands lifting hips and spreading knees in the process. Not a word had been said, but it seemed the Suzerain was demanding something that had not been called for since his Claiming.

There had been some gentle touches while he was ill, but as the Suzerain’s probing fingers found his rear entrance and plunged in without hesitation (and only a bare minimum of lubricant!), it all made sense.

His role as bodyguard was now defunct, so logically, his only other use would be as a pleasure human, a giver of relief whenever the Suzerain wished! He had let himself hope of recent weeks as he treated with kindness and allowed to see family… but the latest development was so much worse than he had ever imagined.

He wondered how long it would be before the Suzerain took his pleasure human during a meeting or in front of the household minions. Alexander had heard stories of hapless Companions and, more frequently, feral humans, fulfilling their role as on-call receptacles for their owners’ seed… bent over meeting tables, or on purpose designed benches many times in a day and in full view of staff and strangers.

Of course he now he complied physically. The Suzerain silently went about stretching and filling him, increasing the tug on his erection with a steely grip then as he was bitten, he felt cool seed fill his channel, drawing him to his own climax.

He had never failed in his designated role in the Suzerain’s life, despite the fact that as a Claimed, there had been care without love; relations with no followup; and when Alexander pledged loyalty and willingly submitted, he was treated with a ‘brush off’ worthy of the lowest minion.

But to be violated without love??!! None of what had gone before compared to his apparent new role of pleasure slave. And the day he was ‘offered around’ by his owner, would be the day he found a way to end his life.

The final humiliation followed as his body defied him. His hope departed as his seed spurted uselessly onto the bed covers below and he died that little more inside. The Suzerain’s only words adding insult to injury at the conclusion of the encounter, “There you are Pet… Lovely… Should feel different in no time, hey?... Gonna make sure I sort this good an’ proper from now on.” Then the Suzerain left his apparently sated Companion on the bed to sleep.

Consequently, the vampire missed the sobbing, the pained move to find a hand towel that might catch the combination of the Suzerain’s spendings, lubricant and some of the Companion’s own blood and excrement. There was no joy in the act as Alexander mopped up then stood, and took himself miserably under the shower to flush the final evidence of the recent coupling unhappily with a hand held shower piece.

He didn’t return to the bed with its wet patch. The night was spent curled up miserably on the floor, as the Suzerain and his Childe and Grandchilde went hunting.

The following day, the Mistress Janet entered the training room expecting to find Alexander standing respectfully, waiting to train as he always did. Instead she found the Companion in the far corner of her dojo, curled in a foetal position, hugging a medicine ball, shaking and sobbing uncontrollably.

When she touched him, he flinched and cried out a tearful, “No! I can’t! Kill me please [hic] I can’t [hic] be your *whore*!”

She just knew something had gone horribly wrong the previous night. She manoeuvred the boy onto a thick foam mat, covered him with several clean towels and rubbed his back as his breathing eased and he eventually slept.

She ordered a minion to stand watch at her door, then marched across the compound once more and stormed directly into the Suzerain’s office with no knock and no announcement.

He was standing, facing away from the door on the phone. She ripped the handset from his ear and flung it against the wall with enough force to smash the piece and leave a dent. Spike had no idea the reason for the attack and began to defend himself, but found he was facing a veritable dervish.

She kicked upward to connect with his chin, a surprised Spike catching the foot. He just didn’t expect her to spin and the other foot to strike his temple so hard he saw stars! Spike fell back against the bookshelf, the impact bringing a dozen or so large volumes cascading down and giving the Mistress her chance.

She righted herself and swiftly bound the Suzerain’s arms at the elbows and wrists with her own martial arts belt, rolled him onto his back, *sat* on him in full game face with her right hand in an iron grip around his scrotum, and the talon like nails of her left, digging into his neck.

“Now that I have your attention… What the F#@K did you do to your Claimed Companion?!!”

Spike was so taken aback by the events that he answered like a small child caught stealing a cookie! “Nothing! Nothing! I did what you said… He was fine…”

“Oh lovely… Then suggest to me *why* is he on the floor of my dojo sobbing and asking to be killed on the grounds you have decided his new role is whore!? Pleasure Pet? Call it what you will… How in the name of *Hell* did he get that idea? Hmmmm????”

Spike really did feel like he was back at lessons with the very fearsome Ms Beatrice in London, but then found himself moving to indignant. The female currently above him had recommended the coupling that had somehow caused the problem.

“You *told* me to take him… *you* said it would help!”

The Mistress looked utterly unimpressed, “Fine, I will give you that, but I want to know *exactly* what you *did*.”

The Suzerain was so far on the back foot that he gave a very honest account, annotated by his own motivations… Reassurance for him meant quick and to the point sex, no need for preamble or speaking.

At the end of his recitation, the Mistress lifted the hand around his throat, only to slap him *very* hard… and the pain of the slap was nothing compared to his concern that his manhood might be torn off in the follow through of the strike.

She grabbed his throat again and growled, “*You Twonk*!!!!” Then leaned very close and ground out venomously, “You f#@ked him, you arse! You didn’t love him… you shagged him like some High Street hooker, then left! *That’s* why he has gone backwards ten steps! Idiot!!!! You have shown him disinterest and disdain with a side order of despair, instead of showing him the love of a true Claimer.” She squeezed his sac again… this time *very* painfully.

“Now… You gave me my standing in the cartels because you thought I was worthy of offering you counsel, so …. listen well Suzerain… You get in that dojo and you take that boy back to your rooms. You put him in the bed, and you pamper him and adore him. You must *make love* to him. *Court* him Suzerain. He worships the very earth you stand on but you have treated him like a feeder! And so he now believes you are preparing to become a pleasure pet, to be used and discarded…”

The Mistress let go his testicles and stood before adding matter of factly, “I happen to know the depth of your attachment to that beautiful boy…. But *he* doesn’t and *you* have a lot of work to do before he will believe it…”

For the first time since the beginning of the encounter Spike spoke, “But…”

“No! There are no reasons or excuses. You had a heads up months ago and now?… It’s very, very simple… *Court* him Suzerain, slowly and *very* lovingly… Take him for long walks, talk to him as your Claimant; spar with him… and spa with him; take him shopping, to dinner, whatever! You must make him feel special or you *will* lose him forever.

“Hang the cartels and all your gangland mentality and politics! He begged me to take his life – and if you don’t make this right it will happen! And just for good measure… get his family back… word up Natte of your intentions and have them reinforce the idea of your *love* for him…”

Spike had struggled to standing, his arms still bound. The Mistress spun him and pinned him against the wall of his own office before he could break the restraints. She bit him on the ear and growled “Do you understand?”

Spike simply nodded contritely as the Mistress released his arms. He then followed her toward the dojo area, but really was still struggling to understand how he could have got it all so wrong.

He entered the training space, and both he and the Mistress were met by the scene of the Mistress’s most trusted minion Chris, pinning the human to the floor with every ounce of his strength.

There was blood all over the mat indicating a struggle, and the rake thin vampire Chris knew he only had seconds to explain, if he was not to be dust, so spoke desperately and at pace whilst still restraining the frantic Alexander, “He was cutting himself and then biting… Oh Mistress… I had to…!!! Please Mistress I had to…”

The Suzerain could not believe it… The Mistress had said it, but he really had not taken it all in… now this??! He fell to his knees beside the claimed human and took over from the rather distraught Chris.

The young vampire was more than happy to vacate his position and simply relieved to still exist after the trauma of trying to control the Suzerain’s Claimed in such a situation.

Chris attempted to depart, but the Mistress Janet grabbed him by the arm and whispered, “Very well done Chris… Very well done! Rest… and see me tomorrow evening yeah?”

Chris simply looked grateful to be allowed to leave and retired knowing he had pleased the Mistress. It was the first time he had felt truly happy since he was turned.

Spike pinned the body of the frantically struggling Alexander face down, in the same position as the loyal Chris had held him, then bit down hard over his claiming mark and drank deeply. The result was a human that suddenly had no fight left. The semi-drained, overly stressed Alexander collapsed, and as the Companion was rolled onto his back, both he and the Mistress gasped.

In Alexander’s bleeding right fist, was a section of glass – from where, who knew.

There were deep cuts and lifted sections of skin all bleeding along his legs, cuts across his face and deep slices into his arms and on his torso. Obviously Chris had been able to subdue him before he had managed to do something truly life threatening, but it was a close call.

Alexander’s situation was so much worse than before…This was not a Companion crying for attention, but a Claimant convinced he was to be ‘shared’, and therefore determined to ‘cease and desist’ regards existence.

The Mistress left Chris at the door and returned to whisper to a confused Suzerain before she too withdrew. “Please Suzerain… *Love* him or kill him… Now! This has gone too far.”

Spike could not believe the result of what he thought was an amorous encounter, but in retrospect, and with the Mistress’ counsel, he saw how his intentions may have been misinterpreted.

Strangely enough, it was Angelus who had suggested the ‘out there’ solution months ago… “If he’s so sick…why don’t you just treat him like Dru?”

Spike accessed old memories. Alexander was drained, and Dru was remembered fondly.

The following evening found the Companion in his Claimer’s bed, admittedly shackled and lightly sedated, but that was for his own safety. He was coddled and cuddled by his vampire Claimer. He was relieved that apparently he was *not* to be used as a pleasure vessel, but was so confused by the change of heart that he simply lay mute and unmoving. For the next forty eight haze filled hours, he gave in to the hugs and soft touches.

The ensuing weeks were hard for both Suzerain and Claimant, the former trying so hard that it was almost painful to watch, and the latter worried it would all end in a heartbeat were he not to please.

Spike did *everything* the Mistress suggested, with one exception. He did it exclusively in private rather than in public as she would have had it. They went for walks around the compound; took in a movie of Alexander’s choosing in the underground home theatre; ate beautiful meals ordered in from the best restaurants; worked out, and took to the spa together.

There were quiet words and loving touches, something Alexander had yearned for and that had been missing except in the haze of his weeks ill. Strangely for the Suzerain, the more he gave, the more he received back, and the more he received, the more old memories and long latent feelings were prompted.

He had been forced to be hard… He had enjoyed it for a time… Worried for his Childe… and Claimed Lisbeth… and denied his Claimed in public … but now… now the argument fell silent… There was no excuse. His Claimed obviously loved him and needed him and… the epiphany was that the feeling really was mutual.

And so, over the weeks, the dialogue changed.

Where there had been silence and demands, now there were kind words and an effort to explain; where there was lack of contact, now there was a kind touch.... And slowly, ever so slowly, Alexander began to trust his owner again. But he struggled a little… His was still confused regards his role. The bodyguard role had apparently been permanently removed, leaving him as simply a Companion and possibly a Breeder.

Alexander was still being injected with a low level anti depressant when his sister Sara was allowed to visit a month later. Consequently, he was relaxed and enjoyed her updates… Samuel was well and with the shunt, was now constantly penned with his favourite Rhiannon, and Penny was in her eighth month of pregnancy with Alexander’s third child.

Shortly after the visit was seated beside the Suzerain’s chair. Alexander touched his Claimer on the knee and made the first direct request since the beginning of his illness and Spike did not hesitate.

Alexander welcomed Penny the following day with genuine joy. The beautiful woman was heavy with child and had his two three year old boys at heel – their leads attached to their mother’s collar. They were obviously affectionate and *very* pretty! They freely accepted the warm hug from the sire of their line before being released and led outside into an enclosed garden to play in the sun.

Only four weeks or so from delivery of his child, Penny smiled at Alexander then happily followed the Companion and her handler into the pool area,

The handler unclipped her leash then left Penny and Alexander alone in the enclosure.

Penny took the lead, dropping her white garment to reveal her very large bump. Alexander could not help himself… he reached out, and she grabbed his hand, placed it on her belly and let him feel the tiny elbow and then a foot that was currently pushing against the outer lining.

They entered the pool together and the pretty human reclined in the shallows for a time, enjoying the relative weightlessness and cool water, before they both adjourned to a settee in the pergola.

Wrapped in fluffy white towels she lay slightly sideways, tucking a cushion under her burgeoning belly. The handlers thought it might be one child, but after scans they found it was again to be twin boys… Alexander had spooned her in the pool and now knelt in front of her, continuing to stroke the distended stomach of the mother of his children again and again, and she quietly counselled him regards the Suzerain.

Despite her intermittent visits and orientation toward the ‘hetero’, she had, particularly of late, observed the Suzerian’s affection for his Claimed. Indeed she rejoiced for her breeding partner, particularly as he had been so ill of recent times. She emphasised the point – the vampire’s love for his Claimed - over and over

All too soon, two tired but happy boys were led into the room, and it was time to leave.

Penny stopped at the door, bowed her head and whispered “Thank you” to the Suzerain who had come to collect his beloved Claimant.

Of late, Alexander’s life had consisted mainly of being fed, exercised, caressed and … pleasured in every way by his owner… but the Suzerain had already indicated to the Companion (albeit at the Mistress’ insistence) that it was up to the Companion to indicate how and when any *full* relations would recommence.

It was Sunday night, not that that had any meaning, but for the word to him, yet …Alexander looked across to the Suzerain… there were … things.

He had always listened and learned. The Suzerain was a paradox. He had apparently been a shy, stunning intellectual human; a willing hopeful Childe who was now Master and Sire; a Sunnydale Spike chipped and ensouled then willing martyr who stopped the Hellmouth from opening only to return to fight again, and then two hundred plus years of demon rule…?”

It was Chris the Gardener, and the Mistress Janet that finally broke the impasse. A bunch of fresh flowers from Chris, and a push from the Mistress, had the rather ‘back footed’ Suzerain inviting his Claimed to share another movie.

The Mistress monitored the proceedings closely. In the back row of a public venue, blood was exchanged without fuss or planning and Alexander was blissful. He knew to be quiet as he was kissed and caressed by a cool hand that slid into his loose pants and massaged him to climax. He groaned his completion and was kissed again.

Alexander trailed out of the building after the Suzerain on the standard (utterly irrelevant for anyone bred and trained well!) leash. Both made a decision as they walked home. Alexander knew he would ask to be taken that night and the Suzerain was ready to publicly acknowledge his Claimed from now on.

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