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Connor Explained

I thought I had posted this here but someone said that they looked and could not find it so I am re posting. If this is an issue please feel free to take it down.

Author: angelicvampyre with some help from av_jr
Title: Connor Explained
Chapter: Prequel + 5 chapters
Pairing: Spike/Xander/Illyria in Prequel - Buffy/Angel in other chaps
Rating: NC-17 overall
Feedback: Always Welcome
Concrit: Always welcome
Disclaimer: I own nothing!
Warnings/Squicks: Threesome and boy on boy action, there is also blood play

Summary: How I think Connor came to be here. Also just an excuse to get Spike and Xander to play with each other.

Previous chapters: All in link

Notes: The Prequel is X/S/I the rest of the series is not. You can read the Prequel as a standalone but if you do you will end up finding out some stuff that is not really explained in the series (hence the prequel was required! Also Jr and I wanted to write the sex!). It was not designed to be read first but I know a bunch of people that have and have never read the series so I guess it is ok! The series is B/A in a few sections otherwise no real pairing.

Beta(s): There have been many but this still needs work, but I just can never find the time or the energy. If anyone wants to give it a really go go over then feel free.

Link: -
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