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Title: Deadwood Dick 3
Down the Wrong Road 1/5
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I Don't own any of the characters and have nothing to sue for.
Summary: This is a continuation of the Deadwood Dick series.
Spike is a gun fighter. Xander is an ex-saloon boy
They are traveling out west together. Comedy Adventure

You do not have to have read stories 1 or 2 in order
to follow this one. So why not saddle up and ride along.
Special thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful manips she makes
that make my stories look so good - *big kisses*

Xander sighed and dropped down on his stomach.
"Damn, Spike You never run outta energy,do you?"
Becoming disengaged by Xander's sudden movement, Spike frowned.
"You weren't complaining a minute ago when you were
screaming my name like a little girl."
Xander rolled over quickly and glared at him.
Apparently after glow basking was not on the menu today.
"A little girl? I thought we had that talk about who is
the girl in this relationship. Didn't we agree that we
could both be the guy?"
Spike knew any answer he came up with right now would be
the wrong one and he didn't fancy a repeat of the cactus incident (don't ask).
"Look, Love" he sighed maybe we should just forget it.
Why don't you make some coffee.We can wash up in the creek,
eat some supper, and get some sleep."
By now Xander was on his feet and already buttoning his britches.
"O.k. cause first up we ain't got no more coffee.
Second all we got left for meat is some jerky and third I ain't
cooking for you any more than I'm gonna darn your socks."
With all that said Xander turned and stomped off in the
direction of the creek.
'Fuck!' He thought. 'Bastard can be a right prick sometimes.'
Stomping, kicking pine cones, and muttering to himself the whole
way, Xander finally reached the end of the tree line.
Standing looking down the embankment at the creek,
Xander wondered if he had made a mistake
coming on the trail like this with Spike .
Oh, he loved him all right.
Least he thought he did when they left Deadwood.
Now, however, he was having doubts. They were still
only half way through Colorado,and had a long way to
go to California.
That was another thing.
He was also having second thoughts about California.
Sure it had always been his dream to have his own
carpentry shop but truth be told he didn't know if he wanted
to lock himself up in a small workshop every day.
He was kind of enjoying being out on the trail.
Only thing he hated about it was this fuckin' cold weather.
They were still headed south though, and folks had told
him the sun down Arizona way can bake a man to the bones.
Right about now some heat like that would be most welcome.
Then there was Spike. Now Xander knew he was treatin' Spike
real pissy like but he just didn't know how to tell him about the
change in his dreams. Guess a lot of it was guilt.
Spike had given up a lot. He had even given up his life
as a gun fighter for him.
For Christ sake Spike had robbed a bank just to fund Xander's future.
How could he tell him he wasn't sure what the dream for his future
was any more.
Xander let out a frustrated groan and dropped down to sit at the
edge and watch the creek flow by.
Standing further back by the trees, Spike had been watching
Xander think. He could see the play of different emotions cross his face.
'Ungrateful prick!' Spike thought. 'I gave up everything for him and
now he still isn't happy. Robbed a fucking bank for him.
Well, o.k. maybe I would have done that anyway, but shit
the money would have just burned up if I left it there.
Real public service, that was. And now here I am taking his ass to California
so we can live like common store keepers.
Wasn't never no dream of mine.
Sides, who's to say once we get there that he won't go
back into his old profession again. Sure seemed to like it before.
Not that I care. Not like I love him or nothing.
'Ungrateful prick!' With that Spike turned and walked away.
By the time Xander returned to the camp site
Spike was already in his bed roll.
"Going into town tomorrow for supplies. You can come or not.
Makes no difference." With that Spike rolled over and
Xander was left staring at his back.
"Yea, o.k." Xander answered quietly. "Night Spike."
As expected, he got no response.

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