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Deadwood Dick -Down The Wrong Road (2/5)
Author : BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story
I just saddle them up and take them for a ride.
Summary: Spike is a gunfighter. Xander is an ex saloon boy.
Together they travel out west. Comedy and adventure.

Previously :"Yea, o.k." Xander answered quietly. As expected,
he got no response.

Morning just brought more of the same
with one big exception.
Spike was already dressed and packing his horse.
"Going somewhere?" Xander asked apprehensively.
"Yep. I'm headed into that small town 'bout two
miles down the road.
Gonna play some cards, get drunk, and maybe find
someone who wants to spend some time with me without
bitching 'bout every little thing.
You want to come along and pick up some supplies that's your choice."

With that Spike swung his leg over the saddle and rode off.
Xander thought, kicking up dust with his feet.
'Ought to just head off in the other direction.'
But Xander knew he wouldn't do that and he hustled
to dress, jump on his horse and head off
down the same trail Spike had just taken.

Didn't take long to locate the only saloon in
town and even less time to spot Spike's horse out front.
Despite the fact that it was still early morning,
the bar was dark and stuffy.
It smelled of sweat, smoke and stale cheap perfume.
There also was just a touch of old piss that seems to
hang in the air of a room like this.

Two of the three poker tables were in full game,
slapping cards, cussing and laughing.
The bar stools were full of drunks that obviously
had been there since night.
Maybe not last night or even the one before.
A couple of saloon girls were working the room but not
with much enthusiasm or interest.
They too had been there way to long with to much bed and to little sleep.

Xander was fighting his emotions.
He couldn't decide if he was more mad or disappointed
at the turn in their lives.How had it gone so bad so fast?
He wanted to just walk away while he still had his pride,
but damn it Spike had all the money and maybe a
little of his heart and
Xander was much more willing to admit to one before the other.

"What'cha doing, Spike?" Xander asked standing next to him,
arms crossed trying to look perturbed.
Spike slowly looked up at him with a "what kind of idiot are you "
look on his face and returned his concentration
to the cards in his hand.

"I need money Spike" For a flash Xander thought he saw a look
of fear on Spike's face, but just as quickly it was gone.
"Why? You going somewhere?" Xander now returned the "idiot"
expression and answered "Yea, the general store for supplies.
They usually don't want to give that shit away for free"

Spike briefly thought of a scathing reply that suggested Xander
had something else he had used in the past for currency,
but knew that was crossing a line he was not yet ready to cross.
"Yea, o.k."
Spike reached in his pants pocket and gave Xander a
handful of coins. Enough for supplies, but hopefully
not enough to give him the means or thoughts of leaving.

Before Xander had the chance to walk away Spike looked up
and added
"Hey. Mike here says you can stable the horses
down the road. There is an old red barn. Two stable boys there
by the names of Josh and Jamie will brush and feed them.
With that he tossed another coin which Xander caught easily and
he returned his attention to the cards and players in front of him.

Xander had been dismissed.

Furious he stomped out.
"Fuckin' asshole!! Who the hell does he think he is?
Who does he thing I am?
He has tossed me his last goddamn order. Fuck him!"

By the time Xander was done with his tyrade he had reached
the barn.
He looked around for the stable boys but the
place seemed deserted.
Xander tied the horses to a stall just inside the
door and wandered towards the back to look for signs of life.
As he reached the last stall he could hear what sounded like voices,
but low and undiscernible.
Xander crept up and peered over the top slat of the stall.

'Well, well' He thought.'I do believe I have just found Jamie and Josh'
The stall was small. Probably no more than 6' square.
The floor was heavy with clean straw and the only other things
there were two very naked and frisky stable boys.
Xander knew they could not see him from his hiding place so he
decided the supplies could wait. After all he wasn't in any hurry
to return or sure of what he was returning to.

It didn't seem to matter who was Jamie and who was Josh
as they were fairly equal in size, shape, and ambition to be on top.
"Come on Josh, you got to poke last time." Jamie cajoled.
"Yea, but you liked it didn't you?'
Both were giggling and rolling back and forth to
land on top of the other.
Bumping, rubbing and kissing.
They were all pale long limbs and high firm round bottoms
It wasn't so much the sex that had Xander intrigued as the passion,
playfulness and joy.
Something he and Spike had from day one and had now lost.
Something he missed more than he could imagine.

"Go ahead Josh, give me a little lick."
"Only if you give me one too"
With a laugh and a little squirming
around each boy was facing the other's cock.
Soon the sounds of laughter turned to noises of
slurping, sucking and moaning.
The faces on each stable boy reflected their need and want for
the other.
Suddenly Josh pulled out and pushed on Jamie's hip.
Knowing from a comfortable history together just what was wanted,
he flipped over to his stomach and lifted his hips.
Josh groaned and wanted nothing more than to push inside, but he waited.

Xander's breathing had picked up and he began rubbing his throbbing
erection through the front of his britches.
Spreading Jamie's cheeks, Josh licked slowly and
deeply over his hole. With nothing more than saliva
to wet the way Josh wanted to make sure Jamie was good and wet.

Xander unbuttoned, reached inside and pulled himself out.
His cock was already bubbling pre come from the tip.
Smearing the stickiness down over himself he began to slowly
squeeze and pull himself from root to tip.

Finally tired of all the careful preparations, Jamie begged
"Enough Josh. Either stick me or throw a saddle over me,
but one way or the other I'm ready to be rode."
Josh sat back and looked at his waiting prize, the cool air on it's
wetness caused it to wink and Josh laughed. Smacking him on the ass,
Josh called out "Giddyup" and slid home.
Xander too had to smile at the joy those two showed.

'Somehow Spike and I are going to get that back' he thought
He surprised himself with the strength of his need and resolve.
His hand sped up as he watched the boys rock together.
Josh had both hands on Jamie's hips pumping hard and fast now.
Jamie had one hand on his cock and his face down on the warm bed of straw.

"Fuck! Fuck!" Josh cried.
"Come on Jamie. Finish this with me"
But it was a wasted request because Jamie was already grunting
and shooting into the bedding below. Josh stiffened when Jamie's
ass tightened around him and he finished just seconds behind his friend.
Struggling to remain silent, Xander also came hard onto the stable stall.
Taking a few minutes to compose and retuck himself,
Xander then stepped around to the front of the stall.
Leaning against the post casually he smirked

"You boys open for business?"

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