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Deadwood Dick 3 Down The Wrong Road (3/5)

Deadwood Dick 3-
Down The Wrong Road (3/5)
Author : BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story
I just saddle them up and take them for a ride.

Summary: Spike is a gunfighter. Xander is an ex saloon boy.
Together they travel out west. Comedy and adventure.

Previously: Leaning against the post casually he smirked
"You boys open for business?"

The two jumped and scrambled around for their clothes.
"What?" Jamie stuttered.
"The stable. I got a couple horses need tending.
Just wondered if you were working today."

Xander pushed off and reached in his pocket.
He laid two coins on the post ledge and said
"No hurry. I'm Xander, my partner is Spike.
One of us will be by to pick them up later.
Have fun boys"
Xander smiled and turned to go.

Sighing with relief Josh yelled
"Thanks mister Xander. We'll take good care
of them horses"

Then more quietly he heard Jamie say
"Come on Josh. You got to poke last time"
"Yea, but you liked it didn't you?"

Xander laughed and ran for the saloon. He was determined to
do whatever it took to make things right with Spike.
Not paying any notice to the figure behind him,
Xander got as far as the first alley.
He was only briefly aware of the pain in
the back of his head before his world went black.

CRASH!. The sound of a half dozen breaking glasses got very
little reaction from the occupents of the saloon.
It did however catch the attention of the barkeep
who stood over the man with both hands on his
hips and a scowl on his face.

"God damn it Bradley! That's the third time this week.
I don't know why I keep your fat ass around here"

Bradley immediately started sweeping up the mess.
"Sorry sir. Sorry. I got it"

He knew he could not afford to lose this job.
Things had really been tough since the fire
that had burned Deadwood.
His bank, money and all, had been one of the first things to go.
Along with his cushy future.

Now he had ended up here. And the worst part was all these
men who got dick only for women.
You would think at least one of the would have
a little swish in their walk.

But truth was he was a little to afraid of getting his ass kicked
instead of fucked to approach any of them.

Spike watched the scene with a smirk.
'What a wanker.'
Although he did look a little familiar.
Just couldn't place from where.
Shrugging, he went back to his game.

By late afternoon Spike had had plenty of time to think,
and was feeling pretty shitty. He missed Xander, and didn't want to
fight any more. He looked around the table at the losers he was
sitting with and didn't want to end up like that.
He had stopped wondering where Xander was
hours ago and just figured he had returned to the camp site.

"Which one of you is Spike?" Spike looked up to see two
gangly young boys in matching bib overalls.
"Who wants to know?" He answered, generally disinterested
"I'm Jamie. This here is Josh. We work at the stable.
Mr. Xander dropped off two horses this morning and didn't
never come back. Is we supposed to keep them overnight?"

Spike was now very interested and grabbed Jamie (or was it Josh)
by the bibs.
"When was the last time you saw him? Where did he go?
If you still got his horse he's still got to be in town doesn't he?
Where else could he be?"

Spike was now working himself up into a panic
"I don't know mister. Please don't hurt him. Jamie, tell him
you don't know nothing" Josh was frantic, trying to pull Jamie away.

"Your friend a young guy? Dark hair? Tall and thin?"
The guy from the bar had ask joining into the conversation without
even looking up from his beer.
"Yea, that's him" Spike had rushed over and was facing the drunk.
Trying not to beat his face in, Spike asked calmly, teeth clentched,
hands in fists at his sides

"You know something speak up, otherwise...."
"Yea, I know he was knocked in the head in the alley and
I saw an injun drag him off."

Why the fuck you just now mentioning this!?"
Spike was livid.

"Didn't know anybody would care. Ain't my business anyway."
Spike now gave into his first instinct and punched him square in the face.
Punched him hard enough to knock him onto the floor.
Looking down on him Spike asked
"Which direction?'

Holding his bloody nose with one hand the drunk pointed east with the other.
"Wait Is that Xander Harris from Deadwood you're
talking about?" Bradley asked
"Yea." Spike answered suspiciously "Who the hell are you?"

"Names Bradley. I used to be a um...client of Xander's.
Got to be kinda friends.He's a good guy.
If he's in trouble I want to help."
"Us to." The stable boys stepped up together.
Spike paused for a moment, then headed for the doors
"Let's go."

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