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Drabble: Btvs: Spike/Xander: G

Title: Spike the Pumpkin Slayer?
Author: Tazi
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: G
Word Count: 200
A/N: Written for the fall_for_sx drabble tree.
Disclaimer: Spike and Xander belong to Joss.

Spike sucked hard, consuming the last of his cigarette in one pull. Flicking the butt unceremoniously into the gutter, he put on his best big bad face and raised his eyes.

Xander stood with his arms crossed and tapping his toe, looking quite a bit like a pissed off Buffy.

Cocking a scarred brow he asked as innocently as a century old mass murdering vampire could, “What?”

Xander’s mouth dropped open, then snapped shut. Growling he waved his arms around wildly seemingly unsure exactly where he wanted to point. Probably because there wasn’t a square inch of their front yard that had been spared the carnage.

Finally, finding his ability to speak, Xander asked, “Why?”

“Was evil.”

“Was- Evil. It was evil.” Xander ran a hand over his face, calmed, then looked at Spike with exasperated fondness. “Evil. Right. You killed the first pumpkin we carved because you didn’t like the way it looked at you. The second one died a grusome death because you thought it looked too much like Angel. And this one met its gory death because it was evil. Spike, the next time you want me to take you to the pumpkin patch just ask. Okay?”
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