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Deadwood Dick 3 Down The Wrong Road (4/5)

Deadwood Dick -
Down The Wrong Road (4/5)
Author : BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story
I just saddle them up and take them for a ride

Summary: Spike is a gunfighter. Xander is an ex saloon boy.
Together they travel out west. Comedy and adventure.

Previously : Spike paused for a moment,
then headed for the doors. "Let's go."

Xander slowly woke to the realization that

1. He had a splitting headache.
2. He was stark naked except for a small animal skin tied
around his waist. and
3. He was lying on a pile of the softest furs he had ever felt.

He briefly wondered if shit like this happened to
everybody or if it was just him.
Dragging himself to his feet, he looked
around what seemed to be a pointy topped tent.

'Oh great.' He thought I'm going to be scalped by a
crazed pack of blood thirsty indians.
Can life shit on me any more than this?
Peeking out the tent flap Xander smelled a
wood fire and something cooking that had to
be heaven on a spit.

He also only saw one lone indian squatting
in front of the fire.
Figuring 'what the hell'
Xander crawled out and over to his capture.

"O.k. Geronimo. Whats up?"
The indian jumped up, startled, and turned to face his prisoner.
"Who Geronimo? You to skinny."

Xander was dumbstruck. Of all the things the indian
could have said, commenting on his weight was
not the one he expected.
"First off, no I am not. Now what the hell am I doing here
and where are my clothes?"

The cool breeze floating up his loin cloth had
temporarily caused Xander to forget his fear
and feel mostly just indignant.
Throwing out his chest the Indian stood tall and proud.
He pointed at Xander and announced
"You my mate" The look on the indian's face indicated there
was no discussion regarding the matter.

"Oh Hell No I'm Not!" Xander's brain tried desperately to kick in
'Calm' He thought.
'Let's reason with our red skinned friend and get
out of this with our virtue (such as it is) intact.'
"Look, Sitting Bull, I think you have made a mistake.
Go back to your tribe and find you a good woman. O.K?"

The indian never waivered. "Who Sitting Bull? Me no want no woman.
Braves no want me. Come to town to find a mate to take back to tribe.
Find you. We leave tomorrow first light."

'Just fucking great.' Xander thought.
'I'm still the fucking squaw in the relationship'.
"First we eat. You too skinny. Me like soft to push into"
The indian took Xander by the arm and sat him down
on a log by the fire.

As afternoon wore into evening the indian fussed.
Making sure that Xander got enough to eat, and was comfortable.
He told him how lonley he was in the tribe.
None of the braves treated him badly because of the way was he was,
but there was just no one for him to be with.

"Look, Hiawatha, I understand how you feel, but I am not
the one for you either." Xander put his hand on the indian's
arm and patted him comfortingly.

"Who Hiawatha? You sleep!"
Xander was scooped up by the arm and
pushed toward the teepee.
"We go tomorrow. First light"
Knowing the indian was not going to be reasoned with tonight,
he crawled into the warmth
of the furs and laid down.
'O.k. Xander. Think!'

Following the trail was relatively easy on the dusty road.
The four riders stopped their horses up on the ridge and
looked down at the small camp.
One tent.
One horse.
One Indian.
No Xander.

Spike dismounted first and motioned for the others to do
the same.
"He has got to be down there somewhere.
You three stay here.I'm going to sneak down and have a
look around. I'll come back and get you when I know
what we are facing. If I don't come back at all you come
down and try to help Xander. Understand?"

The three heads bobbed up and down.
With that he handed his horse's
reigns to Bradley and started towards the campsite.

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