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Deadwood Dick 3 Down The Wrong Road (5/5)

Deadwood Dick -3
Down The Wrong Road (5/5)
Author : BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story
I just saddle them up and take them for a ride.

Summary: Spike is a gunfighter. Xander is an ex saloon boy.
Together they travel out west. Comedy and adventure.

Previously : Three heads bobbed up and down. With that he handed his horses reigns to Bradley and started toward the campsite.

Spike made it to the edge of the woods and dropped to a crouch.
He could see that the teepee was in a small clearing with the back to the trees.

He also knew that the indian was still sitting at the camp fire.
If Xander was still alive he had to be in the teepee.

'Please God, let him be alive' Spike prayed as he crawled to the edge of the tent.

Carefully lifting it he peeked in. There Xander laid.
Spike snuck over and before Xander could yell,
Spike slapped his hand over his mouth.
As recognization appeared in Xander's eyes
Spike's hand was replaced with his lips.

All the desparation, misery, and love they each
had been feeling was poured into their kiss.
Spike tasted every inch inside Xander's mouth searching for the taste of an unwanted intruder, and was relieved to find only the sweet taste of his partner and mate.

Running his hand down Xander's bare chest under the furs Spike laughed.
"What the fuck are you wearing?"

"Something a lot more practical than you right now."
He answered wagging his eyebrows.
"What about the chief out there?" Spike whispered,
although apparently not to concerned as he was already dropping trou.

"He is preserving my virtue, Spike.
He can't touch me till we return to his tribe for the wedding."
"O.k." Spike snickered.
"I don't know which part of that is more disturbing.
The wedding or preserving your virtue."

So relieved to have Spike back, Xander couldn't even get angry.
Reassuring himself that Spike was really with him Xander rolled on top and tried franticlly to kiss, bite and taste every inch of him.

Spike moaned when Xander nipped at the sensitive spot on his neck.
"Shhh" Xander warned then dove down to lick and suck first one nipple then the other into little stiff nubs.
Squirming, Spike struggled to remain silent.
Sliding on down into the soft furs, Xander paused to lay his cheek on Spike's warm taught stomach.

Spike was so touched by the affection in that action
that a single tear ran from the corner of his eye.
They had nearly lost it all.
That would never happen again, he swore.

Immediately his mind snapped back to the present when Xander licked the clear fluid from the slit of Spike's penis.
Xander rolled the foreskin back and pressed his
tongue against the bundle of nerves at the base of the head.
Spike thrust his hips up in an attempt the fuck Xander's face, but Xander held his hips down to prevent it.

"Shhh" Xander repeated.
"You be a really quiet and good boy and
I will show you who is the squaw in this relationship."

Spike chuckled and nodded.
He decided it didn't feel so bad to lay back in this
soft bedding and let Xander take charge.

Lifting Spike's legs over his shoulders Xander sucked two fingers in his mouth till they were wet with saliva.
Then to distract Spike from the fingers he was inserting a little to quickly,
Xander swallowed Spike's cock straight down till it bumped the back of Xander's throat.

Xander continued to sissor his fingers and suck Spike's cock until he felt Spike start to arch his back and stiffin up.
With that Xander immediately let go of Spike's cock with a slurpy pop.

Spike's eyes flew open and he glared at Xander.
"No, no. Not yet" Xander chuckled quietly, then he crooked his finger and pressed it firmly against Spike's prostrate.

Spike's angry eyes were suddenly hooded and rolled back in his head.
"Please Xander. I want to feel you in me when I come"
At that, Xander pulled his fingers out and pressed his dick to Spike's hole.
With very lubrication he wanted to do this carefully.

Spike had other ideas.

At the feel of Xander against him, Spike thrust his hips up and they both felt the pressure as the head of Xander's cock popped through the tight ring.
The action was so unexpected that Xander's brain shut down and his cock took over.
He lifted Spike's hips and thrust in hard.

They both moaned and began grinding together.
Because he was already so close, and Xander was
thrusting so fast and so hard, neither one was going to last long.

Xander reached down and pumped Spike's cock in time with his thrusts.
He felt Spike's balls tighten against his body and his ass tighten around his cock.
Xander came first throwing his head down and moaning.
Spike was right with him and at the peak moment stiffened
up and screamed
"Fuck, Xander! Hell yea, I'll be your fucking squaw!"

With his cock still in Spike's ass and come all over the furs the flap
of the teepee came flying open.

The Indian's eyes were big as saucers as he stared at the scene in front of him.

"Oops" Xander looked at Spike and they both looked at the Indian.
A short time later Spike and Xander emerged from the teepee.
Both were feeling very contrite. While they were dressing,
Xander had explained the Indian's situation and persuaded
Spike not to shoot him in the back of the head.

Something, considering Spike's personality, Xander
considered very generous.

Sitting on the log with his back to
the teepee the Indian was heartbroken.
Xander sat down beside him and put his arm around his shoulders.

"Look, White Cloud, I'm sorry this didn't work out, but I already belong to Spike"
The Indian raised his eyes sadly and replied
"Who White Cloud?. You to skinny"

Just as he was trying to think of something helpful to say they were all startled to look up and see three riders pounding down the trail towards them.
Xander and the Indian jumped up and stepped back to stand by Spike.

The three pulled their horses up and dismounted quickly.
"Josh? Jamie? And MR.BRADLEY!? What the hell is all this"
Sheepishly Spike answered. "That's the rest of the rescue party.
Guess I forgot about them waiting"

Then after thinking about it for a second, Spike turned to them and asked
"Where the fuck were you? You should have been here a long time ago.
What the hell were you doing?"
All three loked back and forth amoungst themselves, blushed and stammered.
"Oh, well, um,, we just......"

No one had noticed that the Indian hadn't
taken his eyes off Bradley.
Finally he walked over and rubbed his hand down Bradley's round tummy.

"You perfect" He said breathlessly.
"Wait a minute" Xander had his hands on his hip.
"You're picking him over me? And what is your name anyway?"

The Indian stood proudly, flipped back the flap of his loin cloth and announced
"Me called Hung Like Horse"
All four white men jumped back.

"EEK" Xander squeeked

"Whoa" Spike gasped.

Josh caught Jamie just as he fainted.

Only Mr. Bradley remained calm. Confididently he walked
over and took the Indian's arm.
"Come on, Hung, honey. Let's go check out those furs."

With that they walked away towards the teepee.
Laughing, Xander took Spike's hand and led him back
to Spike's horse.

"So where are we goin, Xan?"
"Back to our camp site for a long talk. Then we are going to decide together where we are going"

"What about them?" Spike pointed to Josh and Jamie who
were just recovering from the shock.
"Don't worry about them. Thoses furs are plenty big enough for four"
Xander looked back at the group and laughed.

Still smiling, Spike and Xander climbed up together on Spike's horse and finally headed off again. This time in the right direction.

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