Kristin (txrabbit) wrote in bloodclaim,

MOD POST - Willa Okati

darkhavens and I would like to take this time and space to remind everyone that Willa Okati, one of our favorite fandom writers, has finally earned the recognition that she deserves for her inspired storytelling and is writing professionally.

The majority of the fictions written under various aliases that include willshenilshe, willa_writes, oc_au_willa and others, have been removed from the internet at the request of her publisher. Willa has asked that these works not be redistributed in any fashion. Many of her popular fanfiction stories have been reworked and are available to purchase. You can find links to all of her works at her website, Willa Okati: Author.

Thank you for respecting her wishes in this matter. We, your mods, will ask you to delete any further posts requesting copies of her fanfiction.

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