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Fic search...

Hello everybody! 
Sorry to bother you but this two fics have eluded me for month and I hope you can help me find the.

1. This one is a clear spander, but I have very little information... I know that Xander was capture by Angelus during 'that' time. Angelus had this sort of signature to carve "Love Angel" on the back of his victims (including Xander).When Angel has his soul again and some time passes Spike takes notice of Xan's scar and does a number on Angel... And that is what I can remember. Sorry for the little information. 

Edit one: it's "What makes us" by Laikokae

2. This one could be a spander or a xangel (sorry for that). It's some day after the destruction of Sunnydale and the schoolbuss is at some motel/buss-stop when Xander gives birth to and egg in a lavatory. It's some reminiscence of the swim-team's sea-monsters that makes him fertile. Faith helps him get to a buss where he leaves without saying goodbyes to the gang. He ends up in LA and Angel's investigation There are issues if the baby is going to be good or bad but more than that I can't remember. 

Edit two: "The beginning series" by MultiMapper

Before anyone suggest it isn't "Xander's Egg" by frk_werewolf
I would be very grateful for any help I could gel.

Thank you in advance,

Edit three: Thank you all that responded so fast to this.
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