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Reassembling 30/30

Title: Reassembling
Author: mandylancast
Summary:  What if Buffy and Anya both died at the end of s5?
Disclaimer:  I'm playing in Joss' sandbox because he said we could, no really.  No money made, no harm intended.
Rating: NC-17
Concrit gratefully accepted in comments or emails
Beta: This story has been rendered readable by the lovely and talented incandragon Not only did she correct my grammar but she punches up weak writing and challenges me to constantly improve.  If you enjoy this story, much of the credit belongs to her.

AN: Here it is, the last chapter.  Everyone who's been waiting for me to finish to start reading you have a go!  thanks to everyone who has given me comments along the way.

Previous chapters here

Chapter Thirty
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