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Newly Formed Friends # 5 
20th-Oct-2006 06:43 am
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Title: Newly Formed Friendships
Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
Archived at:
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: Two long time, but very different, friends are caught up in a spell and changed forever. They learn to cope and must rely on each other to survive in their new forms.
Spoilers: None! Definitely AU
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.

Part 5

Will sought out the limber tongue, this time using his human nature to suck it into his own mouth and tangle it with his own. Another crash of thunder caused the ex dog to pull even closer slamming their two erections together and evoking an amazing set of sensations as they rubbed against each other.

Neither had felt anything like it as either human or other. In their rather short lives, the dog had not coupled nor had the owl, but both were now their age equivalents in human years and driven by some inner need. Hands caressed, bodies undulated and tongues tangled until both pulled away and cried out as they climaxed simultaneously.

In the rather sticky aftermath hands found each others softening members and stroked through the combined fluids until in a post coital haze, the abating storm was ignored and the pair slept.

In previous weeks, the mage had been doing his own love making – or more accurately, procreating – and in the process had his quiet revenge on the coven. Their four black female cats were now *all* pregnant with his seed. There would be a generation of kittens drawn to darker magic than that practiced by the coven.

But there was also a surprise in store for the mage as he experienced a strange sensation when coupling with the last of the four females. She snarled and clawed at him, crying out just as the others had, but as he entered her there was a tingle of magical energy. Images and memory flashes flowed, all related to a rather maverick member of the coven whose antics, he knew, had enraged the High Wiccan more than once. Before the falling out, she and the mage had met online several times, then in the forest once to swap spell ingredients, but soon after, she had disappeared.

He realized her fate, and going against his male cat instincts, treated the pretty feline with care and affection, rather than simply mating in a frenzy of teeth, claws and snarls as he had with the other three females.

Rejected by her family for her penchant for the occult, the teenaged Nicola had found herself amongst a group of women in the forest who seemed to want to shape her in their ‘own image’.

Initially it was fun, but gradually there were things she just could not accept. She loved the study of magic and had a natural talent for it, but the raven haired girl preferred bright colours to the traditional black, adored the sunshine and spent more time engaging with local animals and convening with the trees than attending to her studies.

When she refused to give up her computer and internet connection after the unauthorized wiccan list she had set up was reported, her computer was confiscated, and she had been put on 'probation'. It was effectively house arrest, which she violated in no small way as she changed her form and escaped out the cat flap using several spells that were banned from apprentice wiccans. She spent three nights sprinting into town in the new feline form and using the internet at a friend’s house before sneaking back into her ‘prison’ just before dawn.

On the third night she had been caught… by the tail no less. On instinct she snarled and sunk her claws into her captor. The High Wiccan was called and even before Nicola had time to change back and explain, she found herself permanently transformed. She would live out her life as a cat, despised by the other three original moggies of the coven, and looked upon with disdain by her former fellow wiccans.

The changed mage continued to meet her in the forest as she grew larger with his children, and two months later, the night after the storm, she disappeared from the coven altogether, followed his scent and pushed her way through the cat flap to snuggle down with him in his basket. She was within a week of delivering his children, her belly distended and coat rather dull as her body supported the new lives within. The ex-mage, now tom cat, welcomed her, licking over her ears and face with affection as she collapsed exhausted onto the soft cushion her host had tugged from the tired lounge suite several months before.

The following day, the soon to be mother cat – ex human witch – was fed along side the father of her children. She then accepted the gentle stroking of two new humans before joining the mage on the back step to lie side by side in the morning sun. Nicola had never felt so accepted or loved before.

She felt her babies wriggle again inside her and for the first time, was truly happy. The soon to be mother rested her head back on the mage’s soft fur and purred her pleasure. The answering rumble completed the picture of contentment.


Skye and Brad were delayed by the storms – the winds had unroofed the animal sheds and a leak had developed in their spouting forcing some emergency repairs – including a visit to town.

With their carers absent, Will and (Lex)ander followed their usual pattern for days their carers usually did not appear. (Lex)ander tended animals and the garden in the day while Will worked inside, then Will fished in the early evenings after dinner, while (Lex)ander tended the fire and slept until his friend returned (Will only ever caught rabbits on days he knew Skye would be there). When Will returned they would both retire, but now prior to sleep, there was always kissing and loving touches, ‘hoo’ing, friendly growling, licking, rubbing and release followed by happy sighs and slumber with limbs entwined.

When Skye returned on the sixth day after the storm (Brad preoccupied with a sculpture that just had to be finished – his first commissioned piece!), she noticed a profound difference.

The cottage was a little messy but by and large, well kept in her absence. There were two cats not one – and the two humans were touching each other in a way that had not happened before – affectionate touches, small smiles and loving glances, and happy sounds meant only for each other.

As (Lex)ander departed to tend the animals and collect eggs, Skye addressed the former owl, “You two have feelings for each other?” Will cocked his head to the side and frowned a little. Skye took his hand, kissed the palm and pressed it over his heart, “He makes you feel… good inside?” Then took a risk and brushed the fingers of the other hand further down his torso.

Will watched the progress of the hand, felt its meaning, then nodded a little and sighed, “Hmmmhoooooo” in agreement.

“Oh sweetie, that’s lovely… just… lovely!” He replied with a blinding smile and sparkling blue eyes.

Later she had a similar conversation with (Lex)ander and desperately wished she had worked more on their speech – but that would come. For now it was good enough that they seemed to have found each other.


Nicola, ensconced behind the old couch on an old towel she had dragged there the previous evening, began to give birth only minutes after Skye departed.

The ex-mage led the humans to her the following evening. Four tiny blind black kittens were discovered feeding from their exhausted mother.

(Lex)ander immediately found the female food and water, and Will went fishing for fresh supplies.

The mage was thrilled, purring and licking the mother of his children in a way most atypical of a male cat. And when Skye observed the same, a day later, she began to wonder. It had seemed that he was all cat and instinct now, but this… this was different. She wondered about the female feline too.


The little ones grew quickly, and though the ex-dog was initially the most attentive, (Will finding them altogether too small and inactive to be bothered with), when their eyes opened and they began to interact, the ex-owl too was captivated. Both were happy to play the role of teacher or climbing frame to the four black balls of fluff.

Skye delighted in the four tiny kittens and Brad too succumbed to their playful charms.

Apart from additional ‘family’ distractions, Skye had resolved to teach ‘their boys’ to speak a little better and lessons were now included in each day the carers attended.

It was hard work… very hard work! To get tongues and sounds to work the way of humans was … just tricky. And after two weeks of frustration and effort the two new humans took comfort in each other, offering loving touches, caring licks and kisses, and reassuring sounds in their own original languages.

By the end of the second month, however, both could form some rudimentary sentences. The first consisted of “Love you” or in Will’s case “Love yhoooooo” as he struggled to leave old habits behind.

In their fourth week of Skye's 'program', she took to turning on the tiny television when the children’s shows were on and had both sit and watch some of the simple stories and try to repeat some of the words. The strategy was a good one for a time, but they needed to interact with more people if they were ever going to be able to fend for themselves in the human world. Consequently several trips into the village were planned for the coming fortnight.

The first one was a disaster!

Skye and Brad had forgotten that the former owl had only ever been in the presence of four other humans up close, had never ridden in a vehicle and hated the sun. Sitting in the back of the old truck Will insisted on hiding under a rather smelly old tarpaulin all the way into town then would not come out as noise and light caused him to cower under his protective cover. Consequently (Lex)ander joined him for a time and also refused to budge, but eventually was persuaded to join their carers. He kissed his rather miserable lover on the lips, growled out, “Luff You.” then crawled out into the sun.

(Lex)ander had been to town on several occasions with the mage, enjoying the experience immensely, but had always walked on a lead. Skye saw him looking around uncomfortably and tug nervously at his collar after scrambling inelegantly from the truck. She thought for a moment. She couldn’t exactly put a leash on him then lead him around the village, so instead promised to hold his hand the entire time he was away from the truck.

(Lex)ander couldn’t believe how different everything looked as a human - walking upright meant being able to see into shop windows, to reach for things easily and to see other people at their level. There were shops with bright coloured displays, the fruit and vegetables at the market, the hustle and bustle of the high street. People didn’t stop to pet him but they did smile as he passed. The two hippies were known and liked in the village, and were now accompanied by handsome young brunette male with a cheerful smile, wearing loose fitting black cotton pants and black t-shirt. The tell tale sign that he was one of the ‘alternates’ being his long, loose locks and lack of shoes.

For Skye it literally was like taking a puppy for a walk – he was fascinated by everything, and several times she had to calmly remind him “No touching!”. (Lex)ander was obedient and happy to be led by the hand without protest.

Skye gave him three cloth shopping bags which were gradually filled as she bought supplies and introduced him to various stall owners at the market. He simply ducked his head shyly and said “Lo” politely, before waiting quietly for Skye to finish yet another friendly chat. It was better standing than sitting at the mage’s feet he supposed, *and* he was allowed into the shops instead of being tied outside.

As they went into the health food shop for a few extras, (Lex)ander noted a young cocker-spaniel, her lead fixed to a post in front of the adjacent shop, sitting forlornly and whimpering occasionally. He tugged at Skye’s hand insistently and she paused. She released him then took the burgeoning bags temporarily, wondering what he was about to do.

(Lex)ander walked over with his still rather slow gait, dropped to his knees, let the dog sniff him, then wrapped his arms around the soft neck, stroked down the fine long hair and nuzzled the pup’s ears with a human nose, growling a little as he did so. He felt the blonde dog relax then rolled out of the hug and onto her back in a sign of supplication. (Lex)ander petted with human hands but nuzzled under the exposed chin again. The pretty female rolled again and lay prostrated, wagging her tail and looking up at the new human with the adoration of a devotee. An amazed young owner just emerging from the chemist witnessed the last part and could not believe it! Gracie had always been flighty and more inclined to bark and nip at strangers (hence her muzzle), but here she was apparently begging for more.

(Lex)ander saw her approaching master and swiftly made to withdraw just as Skye moved forward in case there was a problem. The ex-dog’s hand immediately sought out Skye’s, but she stilled him in his attempt to move away. The master of the dog obviously wanted to say something. (Lex)ander worried that he had done something wrong and took back the bags politely, then stood just behind Skye, hand in an iron grip and eyes down, as the conversation commenced.

The young man took in the hippie attire and smiled thinking… #Typical! The dark guy probably does animal spiritual healing too!# But it didn’t stop a measure of respect and courtesy. “Thanks! Um… she usually gets upset if folks approach her… that was incredible?!”

Skye introduced herself briefly, then (Lex)ander, “Oh he is quite the expert when it comes to canines.”

Gracie had not stopped wagging her tail and looking enthusiastically at the now very shy human. Finally she ducked right down and despite her lead, crawled forward without losing eye contact with (Lex)ander. Skye saw the move and squeezed the ex-dog’s hand before releasing him to pet the pretty young bitch one more time before they moved on.

They delivered the bags back to the truck. Brad had obviously been back and forth several times as she noted the sections of wood, various other hardware items, an exchange gas bottle and small collection of seeds for the garden.

(Lex)ander climbed into the rear and pushed his way under the tarpaulin, finding a sweating, thirsty and quite distressed Will. He took a risk and threw off the cover revealing the setting sun and cool air. Skye came very close to panic as she observed the listless pale human, whose eyes expressed the torture that had been his past two plus hours.

Brad was on his way back to the truck as the drama unfolded, quickly changing course and purchasing two huge squeeze bottles of chilled spring water, and a bag of jellybeans as an afterthought.

Will was cuddled and fed all the way back to the cottage by his dear (Lex)ander, then carried inside in the strong arms of Brad, (Lex)ander close at heal.

Their charges finally settled for an intertwined, exhausted sleep, Skye and Brad stoked the fire, packed away food purchases and fed the cats, then departed. On the way home Skye related some of the ‘wins’ with (Lex)ander… in the end they both agreed their next ‘town adventure’ needed to be in the evening.
20th-Oct-2006 06:03 am (UTC)
I enjoyed the interaction between Lex and the other dog, and the story witht the cat-mage, the ostracized Wiccan and the kittens. But I especially like the cuddles between Will and Lex!
20th-Oct-2006 07:55 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for taking the time to comment - at least Daisy has one person reading ... Your thoughtful comments are greatly appreciated...
20th-Oct-2006 08:47 pm (UTC)
They are such a beautiful pair, mind you all the couples in this story are lovely. Thanks for another great chapter.

27th-Oct-2006 08:02 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much Chrissie - sorry for the late reply!

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